Amber’s solo debut is upon us and she is getting help from Taeyeon

While SM continues to find ways to make sure their assets don’t two step off set, they have been on a solo release kick. To be the February flavor of the month, we get Amber from the group f(x).

I have opinions, but they are not positive ones, so I’ll keep them to myself.

It was reported maybe a day or so ago that Taeyeon would eventually be getting her own solo. This was also a rumor in December, so it isn’t like it popped out of no where.

I know we don’t like Taeyeon…but…did anyone really need to hear Amber do shit by herself musically?

*Whispers: I didn’t/don’t.*

Also it seems like they are killing two birds with one stone. Get Amber out there, and then push Taeyeon for whatever she will be doing. About Amber’s mini album (titled Beautiful), I am going to reserve judgement about this. I have been here for pretty much every SM solo sans two of them…so Amber may surprise me.

We got two weeks for this to drop, so…let’s get to waiting.


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