Infinite H come provide something reliable with Pretty

I don’t care for/about Infinite. Last year I found their song to be eh, and just avoided them for the rest of the year. This year, while trying to do better (ignore my small hiatus), I decided that they deserve another chance. I missed Infinite F, but I got Infinite H…so let’s start there.

I like it…enough. They are not the best rappers, and while I do admire Dongwoo’s voice, not the best singers either. However they seem like they would be fun to watch live, and that shows in the music. They carry themselves and this song perfectly, and I can’t be mad at them. I don’t think it is the most earth shattering, time stopping track to exist. But it is catchy, and that is all that matters.

The video…eh. It was fun and once again, they bring something that makes it watchable, but eh…

Overall Pretty is what something I can appreciate. It has this bopping beat (yes I am using that word), Dongwoon and Hoya are not offensively terrible on it. They are not even bad. Plus they have a spark that makes this song more interesting.

Points for Infinite H.


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