Crush and Zion T come together for Just

I really like Zion T. and Crush. Their song Hey Baby was one of my favorite songs last year (didn’t make my top 10’s list because I didn’t want to have duplicates from the same artist, although subunits were fine)…

So I get excited when they do shit. Last year…Crush wowed me with his debut album, but left me feeling meh over Sofa (which I just realized was a play on So Far…). Zion T.’s mere existence is worth talking about, and his features were great. But I was not a fan of that song he put out.

So they got wins, and a couple of losses in there.

Now they are coming together to work on a bigger project. They teased their fans with multiple pics, and tweets.

And now we get a single.

I like it. I love it. It’s simple and very restrained. Maybe it’s me, but I like how the song doesn’t feel depressingly gloomy and overly dreary. It doesn’t feel like a Boyz II Men ballad. More so Musiq Soulchild without the extra vocal flutter. Late 90’s, early 2000’s in sound. I think this being released now, in February is smart. Get them lonely singles in their feelings about not having a boo.

I don’t really think I have much to say about it. I do like it, and I feel like they did everything right, but I don’t think I can praise it to high heaven.

It’s the track on the album that I would talk in such great lengths about because it works on the album and is a great song. But looking at it as a single, I am not totally convinced.

The video is full of random symbolism, a broken abandoned warehouse and what looks like a funeral in the winter.

I liked the video for the most part.

Overall Crush and Zion T. work so well together. Both of the same genre, while bringing two different vibes to the table. Just is a somber song about heartbreak, like many of the other songs before it, it brings that gloomy vibe while maintaining some form of it’s genre. However the song really doesn’t have enough power for me to be totally invested in it. If this were to be a part of an album then I would probably love it much more…

And there you have it.


Source: 1TheK


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