Comeback roundup

Because I am too lazy to do four/five different post…let’s just do everything here! So here are the comebacks that have happened in the last week…or so.

Yung Hwa: One Fine Day

I don’t hate it. Not 100% into it, but I don’t hate it. It’s still very much the typical ballad over there, but I don’t hate it. I think what makes me not really care is the fact that YungHwa just doesn’t kill it for me as a singer.  The video was nice.

Davichi: Hug

Very much typical, but I think I like how the verse was handled? I think what bothers me is how this is not only a ballad group, but a vocal group, yet their music seems to lack any sort of complexity (no a string of high notes really doesn’t count). The video is gorgeous though. Also this has nothing to do with the video or song, but Haeri’s face scares me.

Lizzie: Not An Easy Girl

I have nothing but positive things to say about Lizzie’s debut. The song is great. The video is great. The rapper was even in the right spirit. I just…bravo. I can see Orange Caramel singing this (their musical style has that same vibe to it, although a bit more modern it seems). Lizzie has something great on her hands, and I am also happy she is getting to promote it.

UKiss: Playground

After Lizzie’s MASTERPIECE…this is my second favorite song. I know the joke is that U-Kiss will always be the bride’s maid in the wedding that is K Pop, but this is good. The issue with it is the chorus being way too busy. Less is more. Also the word ice cream…yeah…we don’t need it. Outside of that, I liked it. The video was pretty standard, but here’s hoping U-Kiss get to cry on stage after winning their first award or something.


So these are the comebacks that have sparked my interest. There have been some debuts as well, but I refuse to acknowledge them right now…maybe later. Anyway along with these comebacks, we are also looking at an Infinite H and 4Minute promo runs (4Minute are getting their own post). I may do album reviews for Davichi, UKiss, and Infinite H, but let’s not get our hopes up.


Sources: CnBlue Youtube (YungHwa), CJEN (Davichi), Pledis (Lizzie) U-Kiss


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