G. Soul is finally in the spotlight with You.

I don’t know if I have talked about this, but G. Soul has finally debuted.

Here is his first single, titled You.

It sounds…a lot more poppier than I expected. I pray to God y’all are not tagging this R&B because..it ain’t.

(Note: The only reason I tagged him that is because the rest of his album is, and he is pretty much an R&B artist)

However, it is a really good song. A ballad that isn’t a Korean one. It’s rather modern. If I knew what he was saying, I would be singing it. It’s nice. Part of me thinks G. Soul is here to offset that interest in what Taeyang did last year, and continue to move forward musically.

The music video happened, I don’t particularly care for or about it because it’s one of those “sit in a chair and we will focus on you” videos and while I do love a bit of simplicity, that is redendant and hardly creative.

G.Soul’s You is a good song. I thought we were getting some Miguel type of music, but this is not bad at all.

Be on the lookout for the review I am working on for his album!


Source: JYPE Youtube


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