That girl Dahee is going to prison, GLAM is dead.

Basically everything that we knew was going to happened…happened. The story of two women who decided to blackmail an asshat, but things didn’t go to plan…now we have sentences, and group disbandments.

Here are some trusty links to the stories

Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon will be sentenced to Prison for blackmail

GLAM has disbanded

I really don’t care about this entire situation. Dahee and the other chick was dumb enough to think it was going to work without any sort of really incriminating evidence. I’m not talking about a sex joke on video. No we need sextapes, him touching them inappropriately, fingerbanging…I don’t know…something other than a small joke. He wasn’t afraid and that is why he went to the police. Their asses got caught, they doing time. Dahee got a year’s sentence, while Lee Ji Yeon got two months.

Lee Ji Yeon when she heard her sentence in comparison to Dahee’s

I know some people are mad that they are doing this while Lee Byung Hun basically got away unscathed, but they fucked up and that’s on them. Ole dude is garbage and he will get what’s coming to him eventually (be it an STD, or his wife leaving him and taking all his shit). But let’s not forget these two were trying to commit a crime.

Kim Dahee (Kpopstarz)

The real reason I am writing this is because GLAM got fucked over. I knew from the jump that they were not going to make it after this. Their most popular member was Dahee…and look at where she is now. Dahee’s about to be on her Orange Is The New Black shit, and I cannot wait for her to write a blog about it in a year. But I doubt that Dahee was the only reason this group disbanded.

Their careers were going nowhere…and Big Hit did nothing about it. They gave their new boy group their own webseries, gave them freedom to create musically, and then gave them several comebacks, opportunities to which helped them get to where they are. In short, they invested more in BTS than they ever would have GLAM. This isn’t a dig at BTS. They are doing their jobs and you can’t hate on them for getting money. The issue is, Big Hit ain’t shit and probably didn’t care all that much about the loss of a group they created.

These girls didn’t have chance once BTS arrived. I wager (like many others have) that the lack of attention and steady income is the reason Dahee decided to do what she did. Go get money, and leave the country (because you blackmailing someone about an inappropriate relationship is not something you want to stick around for if you can get away with it…the only smart thing about her plan to be honest). The other girls were probably done as well, but didn’t do what Dahee did. Dahee’s little blackmail scheme probably sealed the deal for both Big Hit and GLAM. Big Hit would just conveniently use the fact that the girl group was already over, leaving out the fact that they basically did nothing for them in the first place, and probably didn’t fight for them to stay in anyway.

Here is hoping that the remaining ladies find something else to do, find success and in a passive aggressive way…tell Big Hit to kiss their asses.

Moral of the story: Idol hands are the Devil’s play thing…and a surefire way out of a job.

The idol=idle…pun… 

Here is GLAM singing Rolling In The Deep, because the chorus is super appropriate in a sense.


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