KuzzReviews: Sonamoo almost got it right with Deja Vu

Bless them. From the gate they were getting dragged. In the midst of the B.A.P. vs TS entertainment lawsuit, these girls pop up (although there was talk of the group earlier than that). Their entire concept and vibe apparently took a 180, and fans saw similarities between B.A.P. and Sonamoo…which did not sit well. They they debut with an aight song, but was nothing great. And apparently their name/logo is a rip off. Don’t know the validity of that so ignore this. Despite all of this, TS said fuck it, and pushed these girls. They are performing on shows, and I have not watched one…

But I did listen to their album…so let’s talk about that!
Review is under the break!

Into Me

Love this. Kind of wish this was a full song, however it works as is. I really don’t have much to say…so…moving on.

Deja Vu

Eui Jin

This is a complete 180. It’s still has this cute groove, but is obviously meant to be “harder” and more aggressive. The problem is…it’s just not. This song becomes more tolerable with each listen, but I am still not into it overall. I think the biggest issue is how lukewarm the ladies are on the song. More power and some life on the chorus. It feels like the typical cute girl-group who are super into pastels singing a hip-hop themed boy-group song. Also the dance portion could have just been left out. I think K Pop songs could really stand to just…not have that in there. Deja Vu is a slightly catchy, but not all the way there song. Also when I listen to the rest of this album, this just sounds so…not worth it. Like it works on the album, but pales to the rest of it.

Love Call

This coming after Deja Vu is perfect. I like it. Cute shout out to Secret and B.A.P. The first few listens I think I was a little underwhelmed. I wanted something bigger, but then I listened to it again, they work it (thanks to reading the lyrics). I do wish it was a little more aggressive just for impact, but it works. The call me now part is my favorite. I just like the way they sing that.

People’s Little Sister

Na Hyun

I fucks with this. It has a mean little groove, and sounds like a throwback to the 80’s could easily be a cute single for them.  When I read the lyrics, I lowkey died laughing. I love it. They want to be the center of their man’s world. They want the love and support that people give the likes of IU and SNSD (all pre-scandals). They want to be “The Nation’s Little Sister” to one specific guy. I identify with that. The song is overall the high point of this album really. It is the most focused in sound, and the most energetic. I do think they could have been a little more vibrant, but eh…still a good effort all the same.

Just Go!


It cannot be just me that hears the Superstition (by Stevie Wonder) sample. If that isn’t Superstition it sounded really close to it. Just Go is about being positive and keeping it on the go (As in moving forward in life). It’ super positive, and cute. The music is definitely that. I do think that little section that takes on this 20’s jazz vibe is really cute, if not a little out of place. Once again though, Sonamoo just needs to step it up energy wise. The end of the song suddenly gets a burst of energy and I appreciate it. I actually think it works, but I wish the rest of the song kind of had just an ounce or two of what the ending had. Overall it is a nice song.


Min Jae

Everlasting Love

This is pretty nice. I am not a fan of all of what is happening. In an effort to make it sound like a “hip” ballad, they added these drums that just seemed too big for the song they wanted. Other than that, I pretty much liked the song for what it was. The end gave a bigger sound and I loved it. Not 100% what I would have wanted, but they were getting closer. Also as the ending song…eh. Not bad, but didn’t leave me hooked. It did have the drama that the final song can have (depending on what you are going for musically), but it was not strong enough I guess.





Overall, I’m not mad at the album, but I am definitely wanting more. If I were to give this album a letter grade it would b a B, almost an A, which I think is more than adequate for a debut. What the album is missing is that consistent fire. Something that makes me want to go “Gotdamn this group is obviously worth it!” or “Shit, fuck the haters this is fire!”.

Something that would make me love this album. I like it. I don’t love it.


This review is late as hell (for reasons), and if I hadn’t decided to go through my drafts, I would have not done it. Sonamoo was not at the forefront of my mind after they debuted (even with all that is going on for them). After my first few listens of the album (this is like the seventh one), I was liking it, but I wasn’t loving it. That feeling though allowed me to not just write the album off as garbage and I was able to continue to listen to it when needed. Now, I think the album is nice, but way too lowkey with the amount of uptempos it has. Something just isn’t there for me. But it obviously was not a big loss because this is still a decent ep.

Su Min New Sun

When looking at the songs individually, I think they are good, with some being better than other, but nothing that really just blows me away. In comparison to the rest of the album, People’s Little Sister is a standout though, and could/should have been their debut single. It’s fun, catchy, a little cocky and vibrant. But I just was not 100% in love with it. Everlasting Love was nice but the obvious desire to meld that hip hop sound with a ballad could have been worked on. Songs like Love Call and Just Go do exactly what they are meant to, and I did enjoy them, but they just didn’t pop. It took several listens for me to get to this point. That’s my problem. I wasn’t captured at first listen. I didn’t think they were good, bad, but okay. Getting an okay from me means you have a chance to do better with each listen, but that okay will never really go away (unless I just fall in love with the song later on and I pretend it never happened). Then there are songs like Deja Vu, where I am not interested in giving second chances, and while it does get better with each listen, it’s still doesn’t make me care enough like the other songs. Still…not a bad song though.

When you take all the songs and put them together, you get a nice, workable album. It isn’t the greatest thing, and it may not be what I will think back to when the year ends, but it is nice. That’s a good foot for Sonamoo to start on in.

Sonamoo’s debut ep is out now, if you are into it, go get it.


Sources: LovesKPopSub15, Sonamoo’s Official Homepage



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