GFriend make a pleasant debut, and I’m trying to be nice

*Hums the tune to Into The New World*

I mean…

I’m not saying that is what’s happening…

I’m saying…history tends to repeat itself. Moving past my little moments of shade…I really like the song. It’s super positive and fun. The video is typical, but works for what they are trying for. I like them…even if they feel…a bit redundant.

Shade aside, GFriend gave me something that will make me pay attention. It worked the first time, it can work again.

I’m just saying…

I promise I’m done. To wrap this up for real: this is really nice. I was feeling the song; it’s super positive sounding, and peppy. I’m going to ignore what the song is probably really about (I heard love in Korean several times, so…I can guess). Aesthetically, I think the group is a little too bland, but that was very much intentional. Right now they are pushing for the innocent vibe which means, long brown hair with no volume, pale skin, unassuming features. They look like they are pandering to what is liked for the nation’s little sister spot. Can’t be mad at them/their company for going for the gold/money. I wager by the time we hit the second-third comeback (not the one that will happen after their debut,  but after that), we will start to get a more variety of looks, while the money maker will keep more or less the same look.

That is all speculation and looking into the future. Right now I think we should just enjoy one of the first debuts of 2015.


Source: GFriend’s youtube page




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