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I promise you I am going to stop obsessing over people leaving comments. I don’t do it for vanity and my ego (although it does give me a small pep in my step to see comments on occasion), but I really do want to know how y’all feeling about what I say.

However…I have come to realize that wordpress is…well they are a little stingy. You have to be a member to comment on blogs here (which really should have clicked in my head from the jump). Now that I understand that…I have decided to compensate for it.

If you don’t feel like signing up, creating a blog, doing the whole “authorize my email/account” business, but you still have something to say…

I have other accounts on social media!

  • Twitter: @HuzzyPop (This is mostly to get my shit out there. I have my own personal twitter that I mainly use to talk shit on but I am not just going to give this out to you…find it if you want).
  • tumblr: (This is definitely the most recommended way to communicate with me. Also I am going to try and do original content on there as well, instead of it just be a redirect to this site. But effort)
  • huzzypop (I thought it looked fun so… there you go)
  • There is the email… (As long as you don’t send me some fuck shit, I don’t care)

All forms of legitimate contact if you got something you want to say. And you are not limited really.

If you want to talk shit, go for it. If you got some long ass statement that has sources, and links, I mean…go for it, but don’t be surprised if I don’t read it.answer it immediately. If you got praise…do you boo.

And this is not to say you have to, you don’t have to do anything. But if you read one of my reviews, and said this is some bullshit, I need to tell him that…well you have options. Utilize them! I will be putting this on the about me+contact page (just copying and pasting in that section). Once again this isn’t for me to stroke my ego. I want to extend that opportunity for you guys to communicate with me if you are staying on this blog. Tis all.


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