Tahiti dial in the sexy on Phone Number

I honestly don’t know what is going on. I remember talking about Tahiti last year because their song Oppa Is Mine really didn’t grab me, and the video was just off. So after that song, I just left them alone and moved on.

Well they are back with a new song, and a completely new look.

I like the song, but the video is eh.

The choreography is garbage. Like…it’s slow, and off beat, and goes nowhere.

Like if you doing gratiously sexy, please make it work with the song.

Other than that…I have nothing to say really. Well, I do have one thing. This is a reach, so feel free to ignore it, but does anyone get the vibe that they are trying to follow Exid’s footsteps after Up&Down happened. It is not like a direct copy, but I just…hm…

I think this is a nice song, the video is dull, and I don’t think I will be bothered to care about it much after this.

Source: DreamStar


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