20 predictions for the year of 2015

I had actually done another post for this, but it turned out super long. So here is a condensed version.

Now before we get into it:

  • I am not psychic
  • I am doing this for fun.
  • I can/probably will be totally wrong
  • If I turn out right, I’m opening a paypal and y’all paying me five dollars each.

Anyway let’s get started!

Be mindful that I am just talking out my ass with little evidence to back it up.

SNSD will do like two more albums over the course of their last three years, but mostly solo work and TTS is going to be the priority.

To be honest, I can’t see how a lot of groups stay together for so long without a period of rest. Eventually people are going to want to do other shit (look at Big Bang) and I bet these next thre years under contract is getting people ready for post SNSD (and I wager post SM for some) life. Jessica may not have been the sign of descent, but she was the beginning of the end. With it being clear that she was only going to stay to finish on a good note and get her fashion career going, it makes you wonder what the others were going to do. Mr. Mr. felt like a blip for the national girlgroup, and then it was them getting money in other countries, and solo work. This leads to the next issue of TTS. While we are not looking at Orange Caramel levels of focus (which ironically was more of an accident than anything), that group will “replace” SNSD if/when the groups fades away. By replace I mean they will just take SNSD’s space for awhile, even doing some of the larger group’s songs to fill out their setlist. Overall SNSD will just go through the natural progression and it will end as nicely as possible.

f(x) won’t see an improvement group wise, continued emphasis on solo work, two solos, and Sulli will start to reappear.

I see f(x) as the group that comes back when needed. The group makes decent money for themselves, and solo wise that’s where their true money is. There is no real reason to try and promote the group extensively when they make money the way they do. What 2015 will bring is a stronger push on the solo work. Victoria is going to be SM’s hopeful in to China (and of course it won’t work 100%), Krystal will do another show, and get a shit ton of covers (some with Jessica). Amber is a confirmed solo. That leaves Luna. Now Luna will probably be involved with another musical (finally), but I’m thinking SM is going to try and keep her around with a solo. In my opinion Luna could end up being a flight risk if she doesn’t find a job. To be honest everyone except Amber is flight risk. Speaking of another flight risk: Sulli is going to start popping up again, namely at the SM headquarters.

Red Velvet will be SM’s first time conforming for a hit in a good minute.

SM doesn’t have many options with the group. They don’t have enough rabid fans to get them by until they strike some gold, so SM will have to go back to basics and get them an easy hit with the masses. Whether that means they contact one of the K Pop hit makers is up for debate. However I can only see SM taking an L and just going for the shameless hit. Too much competition out there for them to be sitting around trying to make these girls different when they are not a boygroup/a group with a major fanbase.

2ne1 will go on a long hiatus, solos for everyone (except Bom and Dara).

Of course this is going to happen, but it all depends on two things: CL and Minzy. CL is the obvious one considering her American quest. CL is under better hands than most idols who pursue the US, and she will have a better chance to make it. My other bet is Ariana being CL’s in. Out of Scooter’s influence, CL and Ariana will become friends, take pics together, have small talks on twitter, and then a song. This will come after CL’s solo effort of course, which will be released as a way to say she is here, but the ArianaxCL collab is what will really seal the deal (watch it be a remix of Break Your Heart Right Back, or Be My Baby). In SK, Minzy is the only viable option to keep going musically. Dara will get jobs as well, but musically Minzy will take over, get a solo, and be pushed more. Bom unfortunately will have to wait it out before she can get on people’s good side again. 2ne1 may come back after a year’s time, but overall they are done (note: this also has a lot to do with how well CL will do).

The new generation will rise, but Lee Hi and Akmu will be left behind.

This is a given. What is happening in JYP, and the pretty blatant reason SM dropped out of K Pop Star so long ago will happen at YG. Despite being obvious money makers in their own right and having more public appeal and visibility do to them being on a tv show that garnered fans and sympathy…YG will push them to the background to focus on the real investments: Winner, iKon and the upcoming GG. Money was spent on these groups, and they are expected to pay off their debt…plus interest. So it makes sense in it’s own way to invest more time, energy, resources in people that you have already spent so much on…because…money. Lee Hi will make a comeback, and do well, but that won’t stop YG from not focusing on the other three.

2PM won’t care about Korean releases when they can still get money anywhere else.

Why should they? To still be popular? They making fucking bank in Japan. Coming back once a year just to please the Korean fans is a decent idea when you can make money literally anywhere else. Also the rise of more solo efforts will continue to be a thing. Chansung and Taecyeon will do more tv work. Junsu will continue to become a producer. Yes he will make solo music, but JYP is pretty much prepping him to take over for Park Jin Young (aka JYP). Too bad his music isn’t as catchy/good. Junho and Wooyoung will make more music (Wooyoung album 2015), Nichkhun will still be him.

Got7 will cry at their first win…which will happen in 2015.

JYPE made the mistake of releasing their first album too early. Another mini album should have happened (or a simple single). However in 2015 Got7 are going to cry for their first win. JB. and Jr. are going to hug and give speeches. The camera is going to pan to Jackson because he is going to be in his feelings hard. Fans are going to write novels about this shit, and I don’t care. 2014 was a really productive year for the group, they just lack the public appeal. But that is to be expected for a new group. People forget that JYP isn’t…the top of the top. Outside of YG and SM, no one is really excited for company debuts anymore. You kind of just got to push through and earn your damn people. However Jackson has been pushed to get them some visibility, and that may translate over to 2015. All they need is another song that people will like and they are in.(note: This is not saying neither SM nore YG put in effort to get their populairty, they are just the two biggest and most recognizable. JYPE is one of the most recognized, but everyone and tehir mom will tell you otherwise about how big they are. They are successful no matter what though)

Joo will get a chance out of the dungeon, but Baek Ah Yeon will have to take her place.

This is mostly dependent on G.Soul’s debut really. If he does well, the company will push for more solo opportunities. This includes Joo (some of y’all are asking who). However because teh dungeon can never be empty…someone is going to have to take her place. That will be Baek Ah Yeon, who was regulated to singing covers on the radio all of last year.

Wonder Girls…

*Sings let it go*. They have moved on and will continue to, and people are just going to be mad about it. Although…a comeback will happen just to shut everyone up. And it will include Sunmi, and happen around the same time Hyuna is working…just to be awesome. And then everyone can shut up and move on with their lives.

 Miss A will continue to be where they are no matter what.

The damage is done, and the only thing they can do is just not completely fuck it up. Suzy is too big for the group. Fei is making waves but not enough to offset the interest in Suzy. Min is getting by. Jia gets a job here and there. There is not enough interest in the group entirely for them to really go anywhere else. Two comebacks in 2015, both of them hits. But people will be mad because they didn’t soar as high as they wanted them to.

15& and Bernard will be pushed over to ASC to continue collecting a check for JYP.

Like I said for AkMu and Lee Hi, despite having a head start than most idols…JYP isn’t interested in making them happen really. As long as you can get them steady appearances here and there, and new music out yearly no one is going to really turn away from two singing ass acts. If JYPE actually cared they would have set them on the Korean ballad train with several OST’s to get the public to notice them…but here we are. Yerin will finally be consistent in updating her soundcloud, restart her youtube, and release original music. And that will be leaps ahead of what JYP has done for her in her two years as a singer.

Apink’s next album will be a full one, with a new look and sound.

APink are on track to being a top group if they are not considered one already. That means they have to get smart (by they I mean their management). The cute vibe has worked really well for them, but last year had an influx of cuties and all it takes is a hit for them to be on the rise as well. So Apink’s position can easily be snatched if they don’t make themselves indispensable. That means it’s time to switch it up. A more mature vibe will happen on their album (symbolizing a new APink), but whether or not it will be “sexy” is up in the air. Funny enough, the group can be sexy and have that vibe under their cuteness, it is just the public’s perception of them that makes it seem as if they can’t do anything.

G.Na will continue to be pretty and slightly overrated, but no musical growth.

It’s hard to be a soloist in an industry like K Pop. While there will probably be more work for her overall, I don’t see her catching up to other female soloist at all.

4Minute=That subunit that happened in 2013 and three Hyuna projects…also a full album comeback.

The album will be a slight success. The single will do well, and the album will bring in okay numbers (whispers that word that everyone uses when somebody does well). However the main focuses will be on solo work. 4Minute are like Miss A, f(x) and 2ne1. They are the unfortunate middle child who may never catch a break we all think they deserve (I honestly don’t think any of these groups are doing badly at all, but who am I to argue). With that being said, *most* of these middle children groups emphasize solo work over group work. 4Minute is hopping on that train (well more than usual) in 2015. That sub unit will happen later in the year, while coinciding with a Hyuna non musical project. Hyuna’s other two things will be another solo comeback, and a troublemaker comeback. It will be a nice year for the group, but people will not admit it because it’s PoorMinute.

The end of an era will begin (aka Sistar will start to bow out group wise).

Sistar will push for one more album before taking a 2 year hiatus. However 2015 will have a lot more individual work. What happened in 2014 (Some), set up a lot for 2015.  Dasom will get another acting project, this time a much more serious role to try and flex her chops and make her a more serious actress. Bora will get another acting job as well, but will continue to mc and do variety and stuff. Another Sistar19 project. Finally…solos. Hyorin has already established herself as a soloist and confirmed new music in 2015. However focus is going to go on Soyu who has risen from being Hyorin’s Kelly Rowland, to having success on her own. 2014 saw a major push for her, and Starship wants to test how far that can and will go. Another OST will be in the works…but then an ep/full album will happen. After that Hyorin and Soyu will do a few concerts together. with guest appearances from Dasom, Bora, Jooyoung, Mad Clown, K. Will, and Jungiggo.

StarshipX will find success in their underground hitmakers.

The Mad Clowns, Jooyoungs, Jungiggos, and whomever else will see a nice little spike in recognition from the masses. Jooyoung/Jungiggo will get pushed onto Immortal Song 2, people will like them, as well as Jooyoung opening up more. Also more duets because why not.

BigHit will continue to act like there are not other people in their company other than BTS.

BigHit: GLAM? 8eight? Who? I’m sorry, wrong number. *Hangs up and continues to overwork the boys even though there are a couple of girls sitting in the corner.*

Teen Top’s Niel will continues to look like an emaciated Taemin, do exactly what Taemin did in his debut, but it will be better.


Crayon Pop and Exid slay, but people will be super obtuse about it.

Crayon Pop made the mistake of not bringing a hit after BarBarBar. But they will make up for it with their next song (said to be produced by Shinsadong Tiger). They will also bring a more mature image that will still incorporate their zhany/cheap ways. It will also slightly…conform to K Pop standards, and we will hear their main vocalist (one of the twins I think) do her thing. Exid will come back, Le will write the song of 2015, they will hit the Grammy’s in 2016. Everyone will be fake happy, but will be seething that it wasn’t their favorites.

Girl groups are going to fight to the death for some of the top and second spots.

[spoiler]Apink only need a successful full length album to solidify their spot. The same can be said for AoA and Girl’s Day. However…what happens to their spots? In comes: Bestie (the underdog will decent talent), Mamamoo (the rookie of the year), Minx (that one girl group who had that cute song, but wasn’t obnoxiously cute), Laboum (the other girl group with that cute song, but was only slightly obnoxious), Lovelyz (that girlgroup with the cute song that was super obnoxious), and 4L (because why the fuck not). These girls will battle to become second rate.[/spoiler]

And there is it. My predictions for 2015. Now I purposely made some of them stretch in to 2016 and beyond. SNSD, 2ne1, and Sistar are ones I do see actually having things stretch further as their groups are on their way out. Also I did not write any of this with an intention to upset or degrade. I didn’t focus on dudes…but I may (but probably won’t) write a post centering on guys.

So what are your 2015 predictions?


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