Faves doing things: Yerin posts a new cover

One of my favorite things is hearing the people I support/stan for sing. The issue with this is that K Pop is kind of strict on the creativity of covers and singing. If we do get them not singing their songs it is typical songs for them, or just uninspired.

Yerin seems to have a lot more freedom initiative as she typically posts on her instagram of her singing, had opened a youtube at once, did small busker sessions (jam sessions), and has a soundcloud. So far she isn’t very consistent with updating and will go through bouts on her instagram.

However it is always a treat when she does post.

Like today.

Love it. Love everything about it. Yerin has an ear and can handle herself when needed. I do wish she would bring this passion in her live stages (her biggest weakness is that she can be a little detached on stage). I wish there was some more balance in the production (she acknowledged that it is rough). The harmonies feel in the back, and it just seems a little off. Like she is singing on top of a track. And the harmonies sound good which is a shame.

Other than that, Yerin is a mini beast, and I love when she gets to be in her own world musically. 15& is a great group and admittedly caters to Yerin musically than it does Jimin (their music is pop, but with heavy R&B leanings), however this was just sanging in her own zone and she is awesome.


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