JYP’s first comeback of 2015: G. Soul

*Pops Champagne*

G. Soul has been with JYP for a good minute, and he is just now getting some play as an artist. I know he has done some things, but I think this is his official debut as a musical act.

Well regardless of the details…his teaser for his song is on JYP’s official youtube page.

Coming Home

I’m into the beat…however that might not even be what the actual song is going to sound like.

This sounds like it’s going to be on some Miguel type of teas. He even sounds like Miguel a little (well there are similarities, G. Soul isn’t something new in all honesty). Miguel makes good music, so hopefully this will be worth it.

I don’t know how deep this project is going (are we getting just a single, an ep, a full album?), but I am gong to ride for it…if I like it. Also peep the fact that damn near everyone in JYPE got on to hype G. Soul up. JYP is super good about that. YOu miss the tweet from the official twitter? Everyone and their mom gonna talk about it.

G. Soul finally getting his chance is great, hopefully the song is banging. When that Joo chick coming back if we just bringing up JYP’s dungeon cases?


Source: JYPEntertainment Youtube



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