JongHyun’s Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) video has been released + Teaser post

SM’s insurance plan is going nicely. Last year they released several solo opportunities for many of their older groups, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

They are even starting the year off with a highly anticipated one…Jonghyun of SHINee.

Yes the vertically challenged main vocalist of one of SM’s better made groups is coming out with his own solo effort in less than a week.

Today he released his very first solo music video for his debut track: Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

Okay look…I don’t want to be rude…but we could have done better.

This sounds like a reject Exo title track.

I think what is bothering is that I just don’t find it fleshed out, and a lot of conflicting things going on. The chorus is so bare but cluttered at the same time. The piano and violins were supposed to give this vibe of drama that I wanted, but then the…hip hop beat (God forgive me for describing it as such) just didn’t gel. They didn’t even bother working them together. Then JongHyun was singing on that clusterfuck of a beat by himself with little help sounding like he was doing the bare minimum while trying to provide some inner turmoil. It just…it could have gone better.

The entire song could have gone better in my opinion.

I refused to watch the video because I know how it will go.


If you felt like me and thought this was not worth it (or straight booty garbage), here are some teaser images to cleanse your palette

***Under the Break***

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These are huge and I didn’t feel like resizing them. Anyway the styling is very similar to Taemin’s solo effort Ace (…let’s not play connect the dots). I love the overall vibe of the images. It’s SM’s continuous attempts at artsy and all that.

Here is the tracklist for the album!

Base tracklist
Base tracklist

Alright time for the audio-video items

SM and JongHyun are really pushing this, and the closer we get to the release date, the more we get. Usually that means videos and audios. The first thing we got was the video teaser (At the bottom), and then maybe a day ago, we got this pre-album release single.

Deja-Boo (ft Zion T.)

I liked it more than Crazy which is a step up. Not a complete fan of it though. I think the second verse is a bit clunky(?) and no one stood out, nor made the song shine. I

SM released the highlight medley for the album…let’s take a listen.

Judging from this video:

  • Deja-Boo: Already heard. Not completely in love with it. Nothing really got me. But nothing bad.
  • Hallelujah: I hate that it sounds like a lot of SM’s R&B songs, which is going to make me like it a little less. But I am hoping for vocal drama on this. The song is called Hallelujah, your ass better take me to church.
  • Neon: Hmm…
  • Beautiful Tonight: The drumkit.high-hat…y’all know I am not a fan of that. Judging from this small snippet, this song will probably be totally different from the rest and stand out (be it a highlight or lowpoint is up in the air)
  • Love Belt: YounHa gets on this track, and if they don’t pop off anywhere this will be a waste. It sounds nice though.
  • Mono-Drama: A little more contemporary, but still not enough for me?
  • Crazy (Guilty Pleasure): Not a fan. SM could have done better, JongHyun could have done better. 

The album sounds very traditional R&B with only three songs deviating from that. Honestly I am tired of K Pop’s interpretation of R&B, but I will deal.


Am I excited? Eh…I think in comparison to most of the SM solos, I won’t be bored by him. Even with Crazy I had thoughts which is better than how I felt with some of these solos. I think he is a good singer (not just a vocalist, but one who does try and get into the performance part of singing), and the music seems like it is going somewhere fun. But I don’t like his tone. I can only take so much of that. But he is still a very interesting singer. There is something about JongHyun that stands out (partially that grating ass voice, but he has a way when singing in my opinion), and I think that is the main reason why I won’t disregard this solo. He’s a sight musically, and seeing him in his own space will probably be a treat.

Outside of him, I think musically this could have been more creative. R&B in K Pop needs a massive push. I am tired of the traditional, 2008-only contemporary vibe sounds. It’s played. I also dislike how his teaser images, and the overall concept photos have this alternative R&B vibe (which is making a small name for itself in the states), but then the entire album sounds nothing like the images. The album sounds very bright, fun, smooth-jazz-and-classic-souls teas. It just doesn’t sound like what it looks like.

That is a minor thing for me. I just wanted to write that out.

I’m actually excited for the YounHa collab the most. She can sing, he can sing, let them sing together! Plus the song sounds like what I wanted.

Sources: SMTown Official Youtube, JongHyun’s SMTown page,


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