Hello Venus start 2015 off with new comeback

I basically have not kept up with anything, so right now I am doing my best to find out what and who has come back…so far JongHyun is the biggest name.
However there are some acts on the lower end of the scale who have returned, one of them being Hello Venus.
Hello Venus had actually made their comeback at the end of 2014, with a new look and members. Having lost two of their old members (and vocalist), the group basically needed to regroup.
They did, and with that a new image sprung. Gone was the cute girl group made in pastels…now we have a sexy group talking about stick sticky (whatever that means) and now…

Well…it’s nice that Brave Brothers tried to give something new from his usual stick (although you can certainly hear his signature in it).

I don’t hate it. The best part is oddly the rapper. I don’t know Lime’s background as a rapper, but I do think she was not only not the worst thing about this song, but truly a highlight. Her voice is nice.

Overall…not much to talk about.

The dance is super sexual, and I don’t doubt that considering the songs’s title is Wiggle Wiggle…and Brave Brother’s is the go to sexy song maker right now (rolls eyes)

Could this have been better? Probably, but honestly…I don’t even think it’s worth trying to save. Obvious the point of this promo run is to get the group noticed (although they are about a year late considering last year was the sexy concept spike).

Here’s hoping Hello Venus get some traction with this.

Source: Hello Venus Official Youtube page


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