Unpretty Rap Star forces me out of my small hiatus

The talk of a All lady MC rap show was appealing, until information started to leak. People found out their faves were not there. People found out Jimin from AoA was there. That clip of Jessi rapping in English on the show leaked…it’s a lot.

But the show must go on…and a cypher has been released.

I was really only feeling like one of them…and that was Cheetah. I need more of her.

Look the thing about rap is that it is a legitimate style of vocalization that people need to take seriously.

Rapping is just like singing. Everyone can rap, but not everyone should rap.

Here we are seeing a lot…and I mean a lot…of poor work.

Like I said, I was really only interested in one of them, but I think a few of them have some skills.

That being: Cheetah, Tymee, Lil Cham

The rest…well they exist.

As for the inclusion of Jimin (aka possible viewer bait)…Iactually take her more seriously than some of them. I don’t think she is completely terrible, but she obviously wasn’t thinking of being a rapper prior to AoA. I don’t know…apparently she is involved in the songwriting process for her own raps….but like so does Taecyeon on occasion and he is still terrible. Still there is something about Jimin that I like, so I hope this experience is a positive one for her developmentally.

Rapping is a serious thing, and it takes a lot of time to craft and hone your skills, which I think some of these ladies really don’t do (this also applies to singing, but y’all ain’t gonna listen to that). You are not just born with great skills, you need to work on it. That takes time…

Overall Unpretty Rapstar looks a mess, and I pray for everyone involved.



Comeback roundup

Because I am too lazy to do four/five different post…let’s just do everything here! So here are the comebacks that have happened in the last week…or so.

Yung Hwa: One Fine Day

I don’t hate it. Not 100% into it, but I don’t hate it. It’s still very much the typical ballad over there, but I don’t hate it. I think what makes me not really care is the fact that YungHwa just doesn’t kill it for me as a singer.  The video was nice.

Davichi: Hug

Very much typical, but I think I like how the verse was handled? I think what bothers me is how this is not only a ballad group, but a vocal group, yet their music seems to lack any sort of complexity (no a string of high notes really doesn’t count). The video is gorgeous though. Also this has nothing to do with the video or song, but Haeri’s face scares me.

Lizzie: Not An Easy Girl

I have nothing but positive things to say about Lizzie’s debut. The song is great. The video is great. The rapper was even in the right spirit. I just…bravo. I can see Orange Caramel singing this (their musical style has that same vibe to it, although a bit more modern it seems). Lizzie has something great on her hands, and I am also happy she is getting to promote it.

UKiss: Playground

After Lizzie’s MASTERPIECE…this is my second favorite song. I know the joke is that U-Kiss will always be the bride’s maid in the wedding that is K Pop, but this is good. The issue with it is the chorus being way too busy. Less is more. Also the word ice cream…yeah…we don’t need it. Outside of that, I liked it. The video was pretty standard, but here’s hoping U-Kiss get to cry on stage after winning their first award or something.


So these are the comebacks that have sparked my interest. There have been some debuts as well, but I refuse to acknowledge them right now…maybe later. Anyway along with these comebacks, we are also looking at an Infinite H and 4Minute promo runs (4Minute are getting their own post). I may do album reviews for Davichi, UKiss, and Infinite H, but let’s not get our hopes up.


Sources: CnBlue Youtube (YungHwa), CJEN (Davichi), Pledis (Lizzie) U-Kiss

Nine Muses…well they exist.

Someone needs to sit down with me and explain where they are going wrong?

This….there is something off about this. Like I can’t sit here and think of a single thing to say about it, but I wouldn’t put this on my playlist immediately.

Same for the group. They are no better or worse than the average group, but…something just ain’t clicking in my mind.The song sounds nice, they sound nice, everything is nice.

Can someone explain it to me?

Either way. Nine Muses are back, and hopefully things will go up. Hopefully I will like this song with time, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Huzzy Speaks: K pop’s narrative of praise

A little fact about me: I am a communication major, and we are forced to read between the lines like all the time. The world is full of different narratives and all that jazz and something about words and how we communicate. Anyway narratives are fun. There is essentially a narrative to damn near everything. I don’t know how to perfectly explain a narrative, but think of it like this: a story.

When you look back at how something went down, how would you tell it? What would you talk about? Is there anything you think that is more important and needs emphasis. Would you use complete sentences? Shit like this creates a narrative. And in some cases, we can take that very same narrative, and apply it other ones and see common themes, similar language choices, what they chose to highlight, etc.

Now I’m sure for any random person who hits this blog, you know what I am talking about, and are going “pssh this shit ain’t new. Why are you dedicating a post to this and not talking about G.Soul’s debut single You?”

My response: I’m bored and avoiding responsibility. I was also thinking about this for some random reason, and wrote it under an hour (prior to revisions of course).

One narrative in K Pop that I am not talking about right now is SM and losing idols. The usual narrative there is that some idol leaves, usually because “SM sucks”, we see massive division in opinions and blame. If an idol has left the group, it will be the idol vs the group fanwars (which is a fandom thing, and keeps most of the blame off of the actual problem SM). SM gets by mostly unscathed and still making money. The only two that have not taken on that narrative are Sulli (who didn’t completely leave the group), and Jessica who was kicked out and explicitly cited SNSD the group as part of the reason she was kicked out. When you look at these situations, look at what is happening, the language that is used (usually traitor, betrayal, SM is garbage, etc), how either side is being seen, what events are being highlighted most often (usually something that hits emotional triggers). There is so much in these moments, and when we talk about them, we tend to create the narratives.

The rest of this post will focus on one specific narrative that I think happens a lot. It’s nothing bad really, and I am not dragging anyone in this. Also it makes zero sense outside of my head, and I am okay with that. But if you are not, I’m sorry.

So here we are…the Narrative of praise (Or: Praise the Idol-blame the company)

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G. Soul is finally in the spotlight with You.

I don’t know if I have talked about this, but G. Soul has finally debuted.

Here is his first single, titled You.

It sounds…a lot more poppier than I expected. I pray to God y’all are not tagging this R&B because..it ain’t.

(Note: The only reason I tagged him that is because the rest of his album is, and he is pretty much an R&B artist)

However, it is a really good song. A ballad that isn’t a Korean one. It’s rather modern. If I knew what he was saying, I would be singing it. It’s nice. Part of me thinks G. Soul is here to offset that interest in what Taeyang did last year, and continue to move forward musically.

The music video happened, I don’t particularly care for or about it because it’s one of those “sit in a chair and we will focus on you” videos and while I do love a bit of simplicity, that is redendant and hardly creative.

G.Soul’s You is a good song. I thought we were getting some Miguel type of music, but this is not bad at all.

Be on the lookout for the review I am working on for his album!


Source: JYPE Youtube

That girl Dahee is going to prison, GLAM is dead.

Basically everything that we knew was going to happened…happened. The story of two women who decided to blackmail an asshat, but things didn’t go to plan…now we have sentences, and group disbandments.

Here are some trusty links to the stories

Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon will be sentenced to Prison for blackmail

GLAM has disbanded

I really don’t care about this entire situation. Dahee and the other chick was dumb enough to think it was going to work without any sort of really incriminating evidence. I’m not talking about a sex joke on video. No we need sextapes, him touching them inappropriately, fingerbanging…I don’t know…something other than a small joke. He wasn’t afraid and that is why he went to the police. Their asses got caught, they doing time. Dahee got a year’s sentence, while Lee Ji Yeon got two months.

Lee Ji Yeon when she heard her sentence in comparison to Dahee’s

I know some people are mad that they are doing this while Lee Byung Hun basically got away unscathed, but they fucked up and that’s on them. Ole dude is garbage and he will get what’s coming to him eventually (be it an STD, or his wife leaving him and taking all his shit). But let’s not forget these two were trying to commit a crime.

Kim Dahee (Kpopstarz)

The real reason I am writing this is because GLAM got fucked over. I knew from the jump that they were not going to make it after this. Their most popular member was Dahee…and look at where she is now. Dahee’s about to be on her Orange Is The New Black shit, and I cannot wait for her to write a blog about it in a year. But I doubt that Dahee was the only reason this group disbanded.

Their careers were going nowhere…and Big Hit did nothing about it. They gave their new boy group their own webseries, gave them freedom to create musically, and then gave them several comebacks, opportunities to which helped them get to where they are. In short, they invested more in BTS than they ever would have GLAM. This isn’t a dig at BTS. They are doing their jobs and you can’t hate on them for getting money. The issue is, Big Hit ain’t shit and probably didn’t care all that much about the loss of a group they created.

These girls didn’t have chance once BTS arrived. I wager (like many others have) that the lack of attention and steady income is the reason Dahee decided to do what she did. Go get money, and leave the country (because you blackmailing someone about an inappropriate relationship is not something you want to stick around for if you can get away with it…the only smart thing about her plan to be honest). The other girls were probably done as well, but didn’t do what Dahee did. Dahee’s little blackmail scheme probably sealed the deal for both Big Hit and GLAM. Big Hit would just conveniently use the fact that the girl group was already over, leaving out the fact that they basically did nothing for them in the first place, and probably didn’t fight for them to stay in anyway.

Here is hoping that the remaining ladies find something else to do, find success and in a passive aggressive way…tell Big Hit to kiss their asses.

Moral of the story: Idol hands are the Devil’s play thing…and a surefire way out of a job.

The idol=idle…pun… 

Here is GLAM singing Rolling In The Deep, because the chorus is super appropriate in a sense.


Sources: Soompi (Article 1 | Article 2),


GFriend make a pleasant debut, and I’m trying to be nice

*Hums the tune to Into The New World*

I mean…

I’m not saying that is what’s happening…

I’m saying…history tends to repeat itself. Moving past my little moments of shade…I really like the song. It’s super positive and fun. The video is typical, but works for what they are trying for. I like them…even if they feel…a bit redundant.

Shade aside, GFriend gave me something that will make me pay attention. It worked the first time, it can work again.

I’m just saying…

I promise I’m done. To wrap this up for real: this is really nice. I was feeling the song; it’s super positive sounding, and peppy. I’m going to ignore what the song is probably really about (I heard love in Korean several times, so…I can guess). Aesthetically, I think the group is a little too bland, but that was very much intentional. Right now they are pushing for the innocent vibe which means, long brown hair with no volume, pale skin, unassuming features. They look like they are pandering to what is liked for the nation’s little sister spot. Can’t be mad at them/their company for going for the gold/money. I wager by the time we hit the second-third comeback (not the one that will happen after their debut,  but after that), we will start to get a more variety of looks, while the money maker will keep more or less the same look.

That is all speculation and looking into the future. Right now I think we should just enjoy one of the first debuts of 2015.


Source: GFriend’s youtube page



Contact stuff


I promise you I am going to stop obsessing over people leaving comments. I don’t do it for vanity and my ego (although it does give me a small pep in my step to see comments on occasion), but I really do want to know how y’all feeling about what I say.

However…I have come to realize that wordpress is…well they are a little stingy. You have to be a member to comment on blogs here (which really should have clicked in my head from the jump). Now that I understand that…I have decided to compensate for it.

If you don’t feel like signing up, creating a blog, doing the whole “authorize my email/account” business, but you still have something to say…

I have other accounts on social media!

  • Twitter: @HuzzyPop (This is mostly to get my shit out there. I have my own personal twitter that I mainly use to talk shit on but I am not just going to give this out to you…find it if you want).
  • tumblr: huzzypop.tumblr.com (This is definitely the most recommended way to communicate with me. Also I am going to try and do original content on there as well, instead of it just be a redirect to this site. But effort)
  • ask.fm: huzzypop (I thought it looked fun so… there you go)
  • There is the email…huzzypop@gmail.com (As long as you don’t send me some fuck shit, I don’t care)

All forms of legitimate contact if you got something you want to say. And you are not limited really.

If you want to talk shit, go for it. If you got some long ass statement that has sources, and links, I mean…go for it, but don’t be surprised if I don’t read it.answer it immediately. If you got praise…do you boo.

And this is not to say you have to, you don’t have to do anything. But if you read one of my reviews, and said this is some bullshit, I need to tell him that…well you have options. Utilize them! I will be putting this on the about me+contact page (just copying and pasting in that section). Once again this isn’t for me to stroke my ego. I want to extend that opportunity for you guys to communicate with me if you are staying on this blog. Tis all.

KuzzReviews: Sonamoo almost got it right with Deja Vu

Bless them. From the gate they were getting dragged. In the midst of the B.A.P. vs TS entertainment lawsuit, these girls pop up (although there was talk of the group earlier than that). Their entire concept and vibe apparently took a 180, and fans saw similarities between B.A.P. and Sonamoo…which did not sit well. They they debut with an aight song, but was nothing great. And apparently their name/logo is a rip off. Don’t know the validity of that so ignore this. Despite all of this, TS said fuck it, and pushed these girls. They are performing on shows, and I have not watched one…

But I did listen to their album…so let’s talk about that!
Review is under the break!

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