Sonamoo really give us Deja Vu in their debut (with some new thoughts in bold)

It is the 29th in SK, and we now have a new girl group.


In my last post, I went over somethings about the group, and one thing I casually discussed was the resemblance to their big brother group B.A.P.  To repeat, I think Sonamoo were supposed to be the sister group of B.A.P., and were to reflect that same identity (with a few alterations of course). With B.A.P in fed up mode, and suing to get out of their trash/trap contracts, this has unfortunately leaked into Sonamoo’s debut. Never the less TS, went with debuting Sonamoo as planned, and we have this.

For thoughts, after the cut.

It’s like they took a girl-group and placed them in the now standard boy-group mold (hip hop flavoring). I think there are kinks that need to be dealt with of course: they seemed to tempered compared to how “dynamic” the standard boy-group can get in a hip-hop concept. Also their rappers seem a little too idol rappers. AKA…I won’t be giving them their props until proven otherwise. The beat is pretty much like a copy of how these hip-hop boy-group’s sound. Very loud and overly done.  But I don’t hate it. The song isn’t bad. It’s just really hard to be hype for them with this song. There were small moments that I liked,

Edit: I’m actually upset that I like this more after a few more listens. I still think they could have popped off, but there are more parts that I like than I dislike. The beat is also okay, but still bordering heavy on what the typical idol rap based group would do.

Group-wise, could not tell you much yet. I know the two rappers (the blonde some heft to her voice and the youngest with that terrible short cut), and I can identify one of the vocalist (High.D). Outside of that, faces are not really standing out for me to care, as well as no one having solid positions that makes me want to find out who that is.

Edit: I still believe that as a group we are looking at your average girl-group given some of the standard hip-hop idol group factors. And I still don’t know who and what is doing things. Even on the ep (Which people are super quick with this shit) I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about anyone.

Overall Deja Vu isn’t…well it’s not going to be on my faves list next year. It sounds uninspired to me, and just overall very much what the usual hip-hop based bb would do, without 75% of the usual energy. There are things I like, but I don’t think it was much for me to really just get into. As for the group, Sonamoo seems like a cute group, with something to offer (image wise, not many are the hip-hop laced girl group, and they seem like they are going to do well performance wise). But right now I am just not feeling it off this song.

Still their first ep, Deja Vu is out. I will give it a listen, and hopefully do a review on it.

Whispers: I’ve already listened to some of the songs, and they are cute. 

Source: 1TheK



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