TS Entertainment wants to start the new year off with a bang(ing new girl group) *plus member teasers and all that*

2015 is on the horizon, and that means comebacks/debuts we are pretty much going to forget about as soon as the relevant groups return.

TS is taking this opportunity to debut a new girl group, Sonamoo.

I was originally not going to talk about this until they debuted, but God bless them…TS is putting effort into them…and people are noticing. Now what makes them so worthwhile to talk about (outside of being a group from a company in the midst of a lawsuit, with two groups that have something close to a name for themselves?)…well their concept is kind of taking a switch.

More under the cut

This looks and sounds like every November comeback this year…I will say that there is a heavy emphasis on their rappers who don’t sound terrible (at least to me). There is also something a little heavy in the song. Like the obvious Urban influence to give the rappers a sense of purpose (God this is something that I am going to have to discuss one day)…anyway…it felt really typical of the last crop of ladies to pop up, so I really didn’t care.


This is what they are going to debut with.

Now look…I’m 100% interested in the bottom one over the top. The song sounds lame. Maybe it will be better, but it sounds like some mock up of the usual b-boy songs they put in childrens movie to show “Urban” dances.

Anyway, this is being made a deal of because…as mentioned before…TS is about to be hit with a lawsuit from one of their more established groups, B.A.P. and fans have noticed how might similar Sonamoo and B.A.P. are in concept right now (they have a squirrel thingy…and B.A.P. has the rabbit thingy).

I’m pretty sure Sonamoo were supposed to be the sister group of B.A.P. (around the same number of members, the image, the sound), and then B.A.P. did the thing, and TS Entertainment decided that spending more money they didn’t have was not an option…so…here it is.

To take up where B.A.P. left off, Sonamoo
To take up where B.A.P. left off, Sonamoo


All this and now I have to give these young ladies some shine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So nice of them to put their names at the bottom. Anyway…cute. I think they are going for this natural thing. Look at some of the choices made in pushing them. The flowers, the whole pastels and greens, their intro video (not the debut music video teaser), the whole tree in their name…the squirrel. All of it seems like they are going to give us at the very least something in vein of Apink’s LUV song (great song) with rap verses. Their debut music video seems more in line with what TS usually gives though, so I think some confusion may happen.

So basically here are all the members giving out Christmas praise. Would really be into getting subtitles, but you know having faces and voices is just fine for now.

Here is one of the members/main vocalist singing And I Telling You (I’m Not Going)

Her name is High D. as in the thing she is straining. This song is not only one of the most pivotal moments in that musical…but…thanks to Jenifer Hudson, it is now the go to I can sing song. Outside of its purpose, there is no other reason to sing the song the way it is done other than to show off.

However if you are going to do that…please. Please. PLEASE…do not sound like High. D(going flat).

I actually think she has a really pretty voice, a couple of nice moments and Jenifer really pushed this song beyond the average K Pop vocalist heights, but High. D gonna have to take some responsibility for this one. There is nothing wrong with singing songs within reason, even if you want to show off. Obviously she can sing, but let’s keep it cute and stay in our lane for 2015 sis.

Alright next up, rappers.

I don’t think they are terrible, and whomever second girl is, has a sickening tone (Especially as a female rapper in K Pop). However I am just not impressed. I wasn’t slain. I think it was nice, but overall, I’m just not into it.

I think right now, Sonamoo are in for a hell of a ride. People are salty over B.A.P. and TS Entertainment is trash as it seems. And some of them are taking it out on the group (I’ve seen comments here and there).

As a group I can’t tell you much. They seem nice enough, and I think having a much harder hitting concept could work (if that is what is going on in their mv teaser), but with it looking a little close to B.A.P. when they started out, once again hurt feelings gonna be rampant.

Basically Sonamoo is pretty much Red Velvet with what looks like better planning. One day the group will be probably get some respect (if deserved), but right now, I can pretty much see them getting a hard time for something they cannot control, nor is really their problem (directly).

Sonamoo will be debuting with their first mini album, Deja Vu, and accompanying music video December 29, 2014.

Sources: 1TheKTSEnt2008 (TS Entertainment official youtube page) Sonamoo’s official page



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