Faves doing things: 15and performs at the SBS Gayos

Two fucking years, and we finally get to see 15& perform (together) at the/a Gayos.
Usually Jimin gets to do it (has a bigger name and all that), which leaves me upset because Yerin a bomb singer.
Anyway, this year we finally got them both on one stage…and…

I’m just happy they got to do something instead of sitting at home like they didn’t make music this year. Anyway, they did Let It Go.

Hate that damn song with a passion. But they sound great. The kids choir is nice.

The only issue I have is how out of sight Yerin and Jimin are. You wouldn’t be able to tell who was singing if you were watching them perform. I think this was shot prior to the show; they were wearing the white outfits earlier in the day/night, and then had on black outfits for the red carpet. Also that would explain all the more calculated shots of them and the choir while singing.

That means there is probably a fancam hopefully popping up of them singing it in front of the audience or something.

Anyway, it was nice that 15& got to go to the/a Gayos as a group. Hopefully next year they can hit a come up and get that good attention at all three in 2015.


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