Huzzy finds a song and is mad he didn’t hear about it earlier

So while in the middle of working on the last half of the favorites list (two more 2014faves and the last half of my songs list), I have really discovered there were quite a few songs that I was into, or found songs that I am totally into and never got to give a chance (Sad because I follow 1theK and they basically give me any and everyone who sings in Korean updates).

So tell me why I missed this little number.

I am actually beating myself up over how good this song is, and how I managed to miss it. Well missing it isn’t exactly the problem. I skipped several comebacks and debuts simply because I just didn’t feel like writing a damn thing for them (Every one of those girlgroups that debuted in the last four months…)

Still this is something I should have latched onto because Zion T. is attached, and I lowkey would give him the business.

Seo In Young has a very bright, childlike voice. Really pretty, but very bright. I don’t know if I could sit through an entire album of her voice if she lacks depth overall.

However her and Zion really vibe well on this track. I love the chorus and how it flows. The way the chorus sounds, it is very reminiscent of a nursery rhyme in my opinion, which makes it very easy to listen to and follow. It’s very fluid to me.

The video is like…aesthetic. Love the imagery, love the graphics, Love the scenery, love the looks. I love it all.

Overall this is a late ass review of a dope song, and I am mad I didn’t hear it earlier. This would have probably knocked a couple of people out of the top 10 of my list to be honest.


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