2014 Faves: Yeeun/H:ATFELT

I am a bit of a Wonder Girls fan/stan. Musically, I have never been disappointed by them. Yes a few complaints about whatever, but overall I have really been a fan of their projects and all. So when they went on a confirmed hiatus, I was a little sad about it.

Now I don’t care.

*Insert comments about it being time to move on. Wonder Girls are probably not going to come back any time soon, so…I’m not waiting.”

During the hiatus of WG, Yeeun has probably been the most active member (bar Lim who was quietly active). She was in a musical, did a period drama, a couple of random performances, and then in 2014, she made the move to solo musical work.

Yeeun’s Me? album is pretty much the only reason she was a 2014 fave,and that is a damn good reason.

When the Me? came out, I did a review for the album.

 Looking back at that review, I still agree with everything I said. Even after several listens after, I did not really change my opinion on the album. I did eventually start focusing on specific songs that were my favorites (to be seen at the bottom), but I truly believe …Me? is a good album.


Yeeun* made this list because she gave me an album I could genuinely get into. I may not have loved everything (although I really had the most basic respect for each song), but looking at the entire project, I was here for it.

Yeeun* was in charge of bringing her ideas to life (of course with assistance), and that could have gone poorly. Not everyone is good at the composing, songwriting, producing, etc. Not everyone is meant to bring their visions to life. I’m not saying Yeeun is the Godlike being who created perfection.

However I think Yeeun is skilled and capable. She gave a diverse album that managed to feel like a solid unit.

But that’s just me.

What do I want from Yeeun? More? Like really, a full album next time. For her to continue to go against JYP and do whatever she wants musically.


This sounds so stan like, but honestly I like what Yeeun is as a soloist. I think going solo really forces you to look at what you are as an artist (if you choose to go that path). That is one of the things I had an issue with in a few of SM’s solo releases this year. There was not a lot of variety in sound and image, or they gave us something that was pretty much recognized as an extension of them via their group. Khyuhyun doing ballads is not suprising. Henry, Taemin and Zhoumi having different shades of the same color musically doesn’t make me want to invest in them. I did really like their music to some degree however.

It’s just that Yeeun gave me something I wasn’t really going to see in K Pop, and it defined her. This was different from her Wonder Girls work. This was different from her work small work as a soloist.

Points to her.

Alright to give videos:

I had to flip a coin between this and Truth. One of those songs would get highlighted on my Songs of My year post(s). Anyway, Wherever Together is a slice of positivity. Especially on Me? which is nothing but depressing ass songs about infidelity and loss.

Bond takes that idea of James Bond and makes it a bit of an innuendo. This is pretty much the case with Beenzino when he talks about his gun, calls a girl nasty, says he is not into handcuffs, and other shit. Like…

Also she did a song with Gaeko and Zion T.

I regret that this wasn’t in my top 20, but it is the reason for another list. Anyway, this song is lovely. Yeeun playing the role of the main chick is fun. Perfect combination. Yeeun actually has done some great collabs, and this was a good one.

Her album was full of goods, and I am 100% on board with y’all investing money on it.

So there it is. Yeeun was never really my favorite from the Wonder Girls, but she is pretty much shooting up the list, and soon to enter my stan list overall. Good for her, and I am thankful for the bomb ass year she had.



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