Huzzy speaks: Contacts and other boring things.

So I understand I am not a big blog and all that.

I have done the whole thing about asking y’all to comment if you want. Obviously a lot of y’all don’t. Or do…whatever. But I still feel a way about getting to communicate with anyone who wants to, but don’t feel like they can. I don’t want to force anyone to do anything, but I like giving y’all the options…makes me feel safe in knowing that I have used up all the other options.

With that in mind, I have decided that creating an email and tumblr would be a good way to *continue* to reach out to y’all.

Both on are on the contact page (which is under construction).

Here they are if you want them.


tumblr: (linked)

*Continues to give y'all ways to contact me. Receives nothing*
*Continues to give y’all ways to contact me. Receives nothing*

The tumblr was actually my first K Pop blog before I started looking for new places to use as a platform. I decided to get it going again because why not? That can be used as a way to get in contact with me. I am not against long ass comments or fanmail (if you want to have discussions and shit). Mostly it will be used to post shit from this blog onto tumblr and all that. Plus I like to photoshop so I may post photosets and gifs over there.

The email…well I have not really created guidelines for that just yet…it simply exist as a way to communicate with me. Once again, discussions, ideas, questions and all that. Right now, outside of this blog, these are the only ways to get in contact with me. A twitter may happen soon-ish, and whatever else, but I’m testing the waters with some shit I already have, and some shit that I am used to using.

I am also on OneHallyu (whispershuzzy) if you want to contact me there (I am more stan-like over there and stay in few places).

Trying to level up for y’all/myself/God


Moving past the whole contact issue, I do have some ideas for 2014. I started a stan page, for myself, so y’all can get into who I am into (my rare faves doing things post). I am also looking into doing some content specific things. I want to create playlist and shit, and listening post, but once again, I need feedback on these things (directs you to my email).

I also will be slowly, but surely cleaning up the blog a little. I got several tags already, but I need to make them easily accessible so y’all can get to shit and I have easy receipts when I need to read the kids (sorry the gay is coming out). But that will take some planning and time. Also the blog gonna need a new look…which I will get to as soon as I start to care.

I want to thank anyone who continues to come to this miserable blog over and over again. I will be doing better.



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