Faves doing things: Wonder Girls’ Sunye

Sunye is one of my favorites in K Pop, and she would break top 10 if she were more active as a singer now. However she found God (always religious), got married and had a baby (an adorable ass little bundle).

None of that is a problem, but for some people as soon as you have a child, your life prior to that ends.

And that is perfectly okay. Sunye decided to take a leave to do God’s work and spend time with her family. Girl do the fuck out of you sis.

But it’s always nice to see Sunye doing that thing that people like seeing her do.


I really do think that Sunye has one of the prettiest voices I have ever heard. Maybe top ten when I think about it. But like…it’s just so pretty. And she always feeling what she singing. I love it. I love her.

Yes this is a totally empty post about Sunye, but hell she ain’t doing shit.


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