Yoon MiRae comebacks with Angel…and she could have kept it.

*Could Have Kept it was a term I used on my old blog that I am bring back*

Anyway, Yoon MiRae/Tasha is a lowkey legend in K Pop. One of the two Afro-Korean acts to ever have prestige, she is a rapper/singer who pretty much is one of the best.

So her coming back was something I was looking forward to. I like her, her voice, her skills, she is sickening.

And then I saw the teaser…and…yeah…

I lost a lot of motivation/excitement.

Well it is here and…

I want her to take this back, not because it’s a bad song (it isn’t), but because she is not the focus of it.

I wanted to live, breathe, get my life from Tasha. I got TK, Bizzy, and Tasha.

What’s worse is that Tasha did not even do a verse really, she just handled the chorus.


Everyone sounded and did great. Tasha is beautiful, and I love love love her voice.

But I can’t say she wowed me, and since her name is the one that is not behind the with/ft…she got to take this back.

The beat is also unremarkable in my opinion. It’s what happens when you try to make rap…accessible pop.

Think Nicki Minaj post Super Bass.

Angel isn’t as bad, but it feels really bland and just not…it doesn’t go places like I would want it to.

Once again, I think Tasha needs to take a trip back to Texas and bring back sounds.

It’s safe and not enough Tasha for me to like it. So…yeah.


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