Little life problems (K pop things )

So I had promised to do end of the year crap post…and I am…

I already started the Faves of 2014 series. 15& was the first…and so far only…one.

I have two already written up, just need some photoshop and video attachements….and we’re good.

After those two I have maybe three more in mind of doing.

The reason why they have not been released yet…well life. I have school, work, crap outside of school, and all the fuck shit that has been happening in the States (Ferguson, Eric Garner, the two Ohio cases…and this list is not slowing down) to which I have been helping in Protesting and keeping an eye on that.

Needless to say all of that is draining, and I just don’t have the time to do extensive post at the moment.

I’m going to finish up the two faves post, and post them hopefully tonight…

I am saying all this because…I get off for Christmas break in a week, and that means I can dedicate doing absolutely nothing to K Pop.

Also…I got a message saying I had over 70 views in one day yesterday…Thank you.

Once again…if you agree/disagree/have an opinion you feel that needs to be shared about whatever content in whatever post…don’t be afraid to comment if you can.

I’m still trying to figure out the comment section thing (aka I haven’t looked into it, but I will now), but if you try and comment and it goes to spam…like tell me.


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