Yoon Mirae is coming back to her part time job as a rapper/singer. Brings her husband and their step child with her.

Yoon Mi Rae, aka Tasha, has decided to dust off the mic and come back.

Here is the teaser

I really want to like it because it’s Tasha, and she is talented, and has good songs…but…I’m so tired of the Korean inspired sounds. I know that doesn’t make sense since this is going to be Korean…but…

She from Texas. She from one of the big heavy weights in Southern Rap. Like how does that not effect her music?

Maybe it does, and she is just past that point musically. But I would love for her to rep her home state a little musically…

I think I want something that she might not want to give. Like projecting and shit.

Also TK and Bizzy on the track…these three are inseparable. I sometimes wonder if Bizzy was adopted by them or something, because he there more than Jordan (TK and Tasha’s son).


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