John Legend was paid a lot of money to come do this.

What can I say?

Chen sounded nice. I don’t have a lot to say about him. He started the show, and did a nice job. I wasn’t the least excited by him though.

Tiffany as always sounds like she has an idea, but not the skillset to make it happen. I liked her intro ad lib, but it just fell because she is not even on Taeyeon’s level…

John Legend proved a lot to me today. One, K pop is very lackluster even in the thing they claim to be good at (Stage performance). Two, John Legend isn’t exactly some great lighthouse of talent and greatness, but even here he feels leagues above anyone who got on that stage, and sat in that crowd. He had presence, and a nice voice, and can perform even behind a damn piano. K Pop feels so restrictive to me…I don’t know. Chen is by no means a slouch talent, but at the very most he sounds nice, at the very least he didn’t compare to the talent he was introducing. You can see/hear a clear difference between Jongdae and John Legend.

Or maybe not…and I am just making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Also I pray they end this getting English/Western acts to come because in the long run it is a waste of money. As great as it is, there is still such a massive language barrier. You are giving them an award, which is great…but like…them giving a speech that maybe less than 25% will actually understand????

Overall, the performance wasn’t bad…but it was mostly because of the act itself. Chen did a good job with what he was given, and Tiffany is pretty.



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