Problematic fave Min doing dance covers in the middle of Miss A promo now

I have a bit of a sordid history with Min. I like her, but she has done some things…that makes me tilt my head in disappointment. Still she is one of the better performers in K Pop, and is fun to watch.

So when AllKpop finally released the teaser to the video that had been talked about for months (this dates back to late summer I think), I was lowkey excited.

Here is the teaser said dance cover:

Now I’m not going to hate it because Min is a good dancer, and she got my favorite Korean Gay in there, so I know this will be good. I do think they should have moved the video to another location because it looks too small. Or they could have moved the couch further away from the mirror to give space, so the dancer could leave the shot.

Regardless, this is happening. Good for Min. If Miss A are going to not be regular returns, then might as well have them do shit, even if it is something like this.


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