Sonamoo really give us Deja Vu in their debut (with some new thoughts in bold)

It is the 29th in SK, and we now have a new girl group.


In my last post, I went over somethings about the group, and one thing I casually discussed was the resemblance to their big brother group B.A.P.  To repeat, I think Sonamoo were supposed to be the sister group of B.A.P., and were to reflect that same identity (with a few alterations of course). With B.A.P in fed up mode, and suing to get out of their trash/trap contracts, this has unfortunately leaked into Sonamoo’s debut. Never the less TS, went with debuting Sonamoo as planned, and we have this.

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TS Entertainment wants to start the new year off with a bang(ing new girl group) *plus member teasers and all that*

2015 is on the horizon, and that means comebacks/debuts we are pretty much going to forget about as soon as the relevant groups return.

TS is taking this opportunity to debut a new girl group, Sonamoo.

I was originally not going to talk about this until they debuted, but God bless them…TS is putting effort into them…and people are noticing. Now what makes them so worthwhile to talk about (outside of being a group from a company in the midst of a lawsuit, with two groups that have something close to a name for themselves?)…well their concept is kind of taking a switch.

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Faves doing things: 15and performs at the SBS Gayos

Two fucking years, and we finally get to see 15& perform (together) at the/a Gayos.
Usually Jimin gets to do it (has a bigger name and all that), which leaves me upset because Yerin a bomb singer.
Anyway, this year we finally got them both on one stage…and…

I’m just happy they got to do something instead of sitting at home like they didn’t make music this year. Anyway, they did Let It Go.

Hate that damn song with a passion. But they sound great. The kids choir is nice.

The only issue I have is how out of sight Yerin and Jimin are. You wouldn’t be able to tell who was singing if you were watching them perform. I think this was shot prior to the show; they were wearing the white outfits earlier in the day/night, and then had on black outfits for the red carpet. Also that would explain all the more calculated shots of them and the choir while singing.

That means there is probably a fancam hopefully popping up of them singing it in front of the audience or something.

Anyway, it was nice that 15& got to go to the/a Gayos as a group. Hopefully next year they can hit a come up and get that good attention at all three in 2015.

Talks about Sera because why the fuck not

So basically I’m becoming a bit of a Sera fan.

I own up to this. In just a short amount of time, I have discovered that the Vanilla, made for Starbucks tunes are something I can jam with. Especially if Sera is singing them.

So Sera has released two new things for the masses.

First off: Hear Us

I feel like everyone can agree that this is rough. Not rough due to being bad, but more so it could have used a lot. I am a firm believer that a song needs to be a moment. Sometimes that means a song has to have a lot in it for whatever dramatic purposes, and then there are songs that simply need as little as possible to get that perfect feel.

Hear Us may have needed more. Definitely some professional tinkering. I think what bothers me the most is how unbalanced the vocals is with the piano.

Like I said in my post dedicated to her, she is evidently learning. Like we are watching her learn and grow as not only a singer, but as a songwriter, a composer, a producer and whatever else is happening. She is pretty much taking on all roles by herself, and while I am not mad at that, we are not always getting a consistency in the end products.

Here I like the bare skeleton of what she gave. I actually think this could have gone either way in having some complexities added, or just been as simple as it was now. But I think some experienced hands could have really benefited on this.

I liked the video. The video had that more professional look that most of her usual works. Better lighting and of a higher quality.

Overall Hear Us could have been better and feels like the second draft of a final product. But I like where it could go.

Hear Us was released on the 17th. Usually she waits a little bit before she releases new content (the time might be bigger with original music), however she is already on her grind with something for the Christmas Holiday.

This was released not too long ago, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am.

I’m not a fan of the drumkit, but I will live.

This will be released 12.24.2014 (aka Christmas Eve).

I’m excited, I cannot wait to add her shit to my phone, I hope this is popping. Anticipate a review.

Huzzy finds a song and is mad he didn’t hear about it earlier

So while in the middle of working on the last half of the favorites list (two more 2014faves and the last half of my songs list), I have really discovered there were quite a few songs that I was into, or found songs that I am totally into and never got to give a chance (Sad because I follow 1theK and they basically give me any and everyone who sings in Korean updates).

So tell me why I missed this little number.

I am actually beating myself up over how good this song is, and how I managed to miss it. Well missing it isn’t exactly the problem. I skipped several comebacks and debuts simply because I just didn’t feel like writing a damn thing for them (Every one of those girlgroups that debuted in the last four months…)

Still this is something I should have latched onto because Zion T. is attached, and I lowkey would give him the business.

Seo In Young has a very bright, childlike voice. Really pretty, but very bright. I don’t know if I could sit through an entire album of her voice if she lacks depth overall.

However her and Zion really vibe well on this track. I love the chorus and how it flows. The way the chorus sounds, it is very reminiscent of a nursery rhyme in my opinion, which makes it very easy to listen to and follow. It’s very fluid to me.

The video is like…aesthetic. Love the imagery, love the graphics, Love the scenery, love the looks. I love it all.

Overall this is a late ass review of a dope song, and I am mad I didn’t hear it earlier. This would have probably knocked a couple of people out of the top 10 of my list to be honest.

2014 Faves: Yeeun/H:ATFELT

I am a bit of a Wonder Girls fan/stan. Musically, I have never been disappointed by them. Yes a few complaints about whatever, but overall I have really been a fan of their projects and all. So when they went on a confirmed hiatus, I was a little sad about it.

Now I don’t care.

*Insert comments about it being time to move on. Wonder Girls are probably not going to come back any time soon, so…I’m not waiting.”

During the hiatus of WG, Yeeun has probably been the most active member (bar Lim who was quietly active). She was in a musical, did a period drama, a couple of random performances, and then in 2014, she made the move to solo musical work.

Yeeun’s Me? album is pretty much the only reason she was a 2014 fave,and that is a damn good reason.

When the Me? came out, I did a review for the album.

 Looking back at that review, I still agree with everything I said. Even after several listens after, I did not really change my opinion on the album. I did eventually start focusing on specific songs that were my favorites (to be seen at the bottom), but I truly believe …Me? is a good album.


Yeeun* made this list because she gave me an album I could genuinely get into. I may not have loved everything (although I really had the most basic respect for each song), but looking at the entire project, I was here for it.

Yeeun* was in charge of bringing her ideas to life (of course with assistance), and that could have gone poorly. Not everyone is good at the composing, songwriting, producing, etc. Not everyone is meant to bring their visions to life. I’m not saying Yeeun is the Godlike being who created perfection.

However I think Yeeun is skilled and capable. She gave a diverse album that managed to feel like a solid unit.

But that’s just me.

What do I want from Yeeun? More? Like really, a full album next time. For her to continue to go against JYP and do whatever she wants musically.


This sounds so stan like, but honestly I like what Yeeun is as a soloist. I think going solo really forces you to look at what you are as an artist (if you choose to go that path). That is one of the things I had an issue with in a few of SM’s solo releases this year. There was not a lot of variety in sound and image, or they gave us something that was pretty much recognized as an extension of them via their group. Khyuhyun doing ballads is not suprising. Henry, Taemin and Zhoumi having different shades of the same color musically doesn’t make me want to invest in them. I did really like their music to some degree however.

It’s just that Yeeun gave me something I wasn’t really going to see in K Pop, and it defined her. This was different from her Wonder Girls work. This was different from her work small work as a soloist.

Points to her.

Alright to give videos:

I had to flip a coin between this and Truth. One of those songs would get highlighted on my Songs of My year post(s). Anyway, Wherever Together is a slice of positivity. Especially on Me? which is nothing but depressing ass songs about infidelity and loss.

Bond takes that idea of James Bond and makes it a bit of an innuendo. This is pretty much the case with Beenzino when he talks about his gun, calls a girl nasty, says he is not into handcuffs, and other shit. Like…

Also she did a song with Gaeko and Zion T.

I regret that this wasn’t in my top 20, but it is the reason for another list. Anyway, this song is lovely. Yeeun playing the role of the main chick is fun. Perfect combination. Yeeun actually has done some great collabs, and this was a good one.

Her album was full of goods, and I am 100% on board with y’all investing money on it.

So there it is. Yeeun was never really my favorite from the Wonder Girls, but she is pretty much shooting up the list, and soon to enter my stan list overall. Good for her, and I am thankful for the bomb ass year she had.


Songs of my Year: 11-20

With 2014 coming to an end, and me pretty much not caring about whatever else happens, I decided to do a list of songs from 2014 that I really liked.

Before we get started…

  • This is not a list of the best songs, but my favorites.
  • It’s predominantly women.
  • There is no definite order, but like there will be one? In other words, I could look at this list later and think that could have been higher, and all that.

With that being said, let’s get into #20-11


20. Thank U Very Much by Bestie

Bestie has given me a lot this year musically. They were one of the two acts at the beginning that I was really into (the other was Ladies’ Code). Later in the year they released their first ep, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of. However they did continue to release nice songs throughout that (Hot Baby was my song of the summer alongside a couple other tracks). However they started out the year with the lowkey and breezy Thank U Very Much. I feel like this was a great follow up to Love Options, but at the same time released at the wrong time. Thank U…feels like it should end the summer, not start the year. Despite that, I think Bestie and co. got it right.

Personally I think this is the group’s second best song (maybe tying with Hot Baby),

19. LUV by Apink

Disregarding the title and lyric segregation, we have a nice song. It fits in with APink’s safe image, but it felt like a small step up from their perpetual cute vibe (the lack of cheerleader and school girl outfits visually as well as them not sounding absolutely positive while singing this). Like I said before, I thought this was a bit of a ballad sped up and given something akin to a catchy chorus. I’m not the biggest fan of Apink for whatever reason (I do know everyone by name though), but I think they have a cute lane for themselves. Apink is a cute group. They are the bubblegum pop, Mandy Moore vibe, type of girlgroup. Almost all their singles feel positive in nature, and even their love lost ballads, they still feel very vibrant. They only downside is the fact that they pretty much play it safe, and downplay a lot of the groups talent (even Eunji’s). LUV doesn’t step out of that 100%, but over the last two releases, we have seen Namjoo (of all people) take a step forward as a singer. That is a mere shallow level of what I am talking about, but it is something. Of course by their next release I will want something more from them, especially after they gave me this (it’s not a lot but it will do) . Luv for me was catchy, and fun to watch, and really helped shine through an otherwise boring ass November (yes November was boring as hell to me).

18. Mr. Mr. by SNSD

A lot of people gave this song flak, but to be honest, I think this is one of the group’s best. I mean I also liked I Got A Boy, so taste is not something I have. Still I think this was a rather solid offering from SNSD. What I liked most was that it felt grown up. If I have one major beef with SNSD is that their music is not only safe but childish and boring. Yeah I said it. Most of their B-sides are lackluster to me. I don’t get it. Their singles will be something musically oon point, but then that sound, idea, concept will just fly out the window for the remainder of the album. It sucks. The same thing happened on Mr. Mr., but I liked some of the other songs, so eh…Still Mr. Mr. was where I thought SNSD should be. I do think they could have been a little more dynamic on the chorus, and maybe not given Tiffany the high note that everyone pretty much complained about. However I was totally into what Mr. Mr. had to offer.

17.  Never Ever by Jiyeon

Any and every time I talk about T-Ara I got to be a little sad because their careers are…well…they are one of those smh moments of K pop. Still people pretty much live for their music, which is good. One of those offerings came in the guise of a solo effort (one of two before the group made their return). Jiyeon’s ep was pretty much one of my favorites this year. One three songs long, it was concise, theme driven, and diverse…and once again…only three songs. Moving along, she promoted the ep with her single 1Min 1Sec (aka Never Ever), and it was one of the best of the 1st half of the year. A lot of people will disagree with me, and that is perfectly okay, because I don’t care. I am all about releasing songs at the right moment, and her giving us this darker themed song about heartbreak at this time was just…right. Love it. Also…the video pretty much sealed the song for me as well. A music video that made sense, was story driven, and ended right? How often in K pop? How often outside of K Pop?

I think Jiyeon really gave me something great, that a lot of people are not going to recognize…but whatever.

16. Darling by Girls’ Day

I don’t think I have ever really appreciated Girls’ Day the way I should. They are no better or worse than the average group. They are a decent performance group. Pretty. Musically they have only improved in my opinion. Yet I can’t find the will to truly get into the way I feel is appropriate. Even today, after liking both of their big releases this year, I still don’t find much love for the girl-group. However I think 2013-2014 has been a good step in the right direction. 2013 and earlier this year was the year of the “Sexy” Girls’ Day. With every release I was into them. Then the summer they switched it up with the more “cute” Darling. This is the song that made me aware that I have something close to a complicated relationship with Girls’ Day. While I wasn’t exactly through the roof, and over the moon for the ep that it accompanied, I saw Darling as a great stand alone song. It is vibrant, fun, and once again plays to the strengths of the group. While it is pretty much a standard, by the book song, I was genuinely in love with Darling. It’s just a lot of fun as a song. I can’t be mad, or question why it exist. Hopefully 2015 will bring me and this group closer together.

15. Holler by TTS

If there was something I can give to SNSD as a whole, is that this year musically has been better. Mr. Mr. was nice, their Japanese releases were on point, and then TTS happened. Holler in my opinion is a step up from Twinkle in several ways. Some of the songs just felt a lot stronger, the ep was better. I think people gave Twinkle a lot it did not deserve. There are two songs that I really enjoyed on this ep, but I decided to focus on Holler because why not. The biggest issue I saw with this song was the fact that the chorus didn’t hit hard enough. I think with a catchy chorus this song could have been perfect. Without it is is a nice enough song, and definitely stronger than Twinkle. I think that is the main reason I like it, it’s better than that try-hard mess Twinkle (Yeah I said it). Also I love the bridge.

14. All Night by f(x)

Red Light was another success of an album. I have opinions about the album (good and bad), but there were songs that just hit the mark properly. One song in particularly had me partying. All Night is the slinky, cute, and positive pop treat that I love. I love songs that do not take themselves seriously, and just get you in a good mood. All Night does that. It’s not strong enough to be a single (in K Pop), but it’s exciting and positive vibes make it a standout. Lyrical content could be better, but that’s pretty much the only qualm I have with it. I think that’s the only reason this song is not even in the top 10. Lyrically it kind of just…takes a lot and tries to make sense of it, but doesn’t get all the way there. Why are you talking about colors, but then sing about all night? I don’t know. Regardless All Night is that fun, not serious pop song that everyone needs in their lives.

13. Oh My God by 15&

15&’s album Sugar took two years to happen, and I was left feeling happy about it. Not 100% content, but that’s nothing to really fret over. One of my favorite songs off the album happens to be the simple Oh My God. It is a smooth R&B track about a teenage girl falling in love. The biggest plus about Oh My God is that the song keeps it simple. No pretty flowering from Yerin and Jimin vocally (although they do flex their chops on occasion), no extra key changes, tempo changes. It just plays as a straight song. I also like that it was a bit realistic lyrically. A teenager being annoyed about people invalidating her feelings on love, and wondering if she is indeed in that place herself. It is very typical in my opinion.

12. A by Got7

JYP produced all their singles so far, and this was the only one he got right in my opinion. A is fun, is catchy, and allows everyone screentime (well almost, but it’s Mark and he is there to be pretty and quiet). Got7 has two sides to them. The fun boy group with R&B flavored pop tracks (like A), and the more cooler, edgier group with Hip Hop flavored R&b tracks (Girlsx3 and Stopx2 It). The only one that worked for me is the former. The sad thing is, A was the only good song from its respective album. The other two singles at least had something more to offer for me. A was a nice summer song that I don’t think is getting enough love as it should.

11. Happiness by Red Velvet

I liked I Got A Boy, so when it comes to taste, I may not be the best…and I know for a lot of people Happiness just wasn’t it. However I loved it. The main reason? It wasn’t pretentious. I think a lot of SM’s tracks have been trying to go above and beyond. That is fine, but sometimes it’s just good to give bare minimum. Now, soundwise Happiness comes off like a lot of SM’s tracks. Super cluttered with a lack of direction (especially as of late), however what made me like it was just how bright it sounded. Nothing felt like it was truly going anywhere, it was just a big ball of sunshine. Red Velvet as a group did a good job with it, they were fresh off the training room, fun and positive. Can’t ask for anything else. Of course I don’t want them to go back to this after having returned with Be Natural, but I do think finding a happy medium would between the bright pop vibes of Happiness and the overall mature look of Be Natural.

Well that gives you the 20-11. Once again, these could probably be put in any order and still be valid for me. The top 10 will be a little more exact.

So now I ask y’all, what were the songs that got y’all going in 2014? Comment and like!

Brave Brothers is looking to hit the American market in 2015

So in the midst of relaxing and compiling the list for upcoming post, it hit my timeline that Brave Brothers is going to be working with American rapper YG.

For anyone who does not know who YG is…

Keenan Jackson, aka YG, not the man y’all love to hate.

Okay what are my thoughts?

I’m going to be honest and say that I laughed/hollered/cried a little. This is just too good of an opportunity to waste.

First off, I feel like a producer (of all people) will have an easier chance of making it so to speak. Timbaland, Pharrell, Jermaine Dupri and DJ Khaled are famous not only for their own music, but their various contributions to others. Then you have on the countless producers in pop music that get singers to “feature” on their song, while they have done nothing but the production (not to minimize their efforts). David Guetta, Calvin Harris, etc. all make good money while not being the voice of their songs. Then there are the countless producers who make good money just doing what they do

DJ Mustard was a thing in 2014, and while his shit is reductive and simple, it’s catchy and fun. His beats were dominant in several songs done by black artist.

On Brave Brothers side, I wonder what he will offer. I joked about it on twitter, but I seriously am curious to see what he has up his sleeves. I think Brave Brothers is a good producer. He is repetitive, especially as of late, but I think that is what is expected of him, and Brave Bros knows that he will get a check anyway. However I wonder what is he going to bring, if he hasn’t already, to YG.

The man responsible for many hits, whether you like it or not.
The man responsible for many hits, whether you like it or not.

Plus I just want to see people seethe over him making it (if that is what happens).

This will be interesting to watch develop. If he does get some traction with this, more than likely companies will try and latch onto him and get their acts on songs with other artist (that will be fun). But for now, all we can do is wait.


Huzzy speaks: Contacts and other boring things.

So I understand I am not a big blog and all that.

I have done the whole thing about asking y’all to comment if you want. Obviously a lot of y’all don’t. Or do…whatever. But I still feel a way about getting to communicate with anyone who wants to, but don’t feel like they can. I don’t want to force anyone to do anything, but I like giving y’all the options…makes me feel safe in knowing that I have used up all the other options.

With that in mind, I have decided that creating an email and tumblr would be a good way to *continue* to reach out to y’all.

Both on are on the contact page (which is under construction).

Here they are if you want them.


tumblr: (linked)

*Continues to give y'all ways to contact me. Receives nothing*
*Continues to give y’all ways to contact me. Receives nothing*

The tumblr was actually my first K Pop blog before I started looking for new places to use as a platform. I decided to get it going again because why not? That can be used as a way to get in contact with me. I am not against long ass comments or fanmail (if you want to have discussions and shit). Mostly it will be used to post shit from this blog onto tumblr and all that. Plus I like to photoshop so I may post photosets and gifs over there.

The email…well I have not really created guidelines for that just yet…it simply exist as a way to communicate with me. Once again, discussions, ideas, questions and all that. Right now, outside of this blog, these are the only ways to get in contact with me. A twitter may happen soon-ish, and whatever else, but I’m testing the waters with some shit I already have, and some shit that I am used to using.

I am also on OneHallyu (whispershuzzy) if you want to contact me there (I am more stan-like over there and stay in few places).

Trying to level up for y’all/myself/God


Moving past the whole contact issue, I do have some ideas for 2014. I started a stan page, for myself, so y’all can get into who I am into (my rare faves doing things post). I am also looking into doing some content specific things. I want to create playlist and shit, and listening post, but once again, I need feedback on these things (directs you to my email).

I also will be slowly, but surely cleaning up the blog a little. I got several tags already, but I need to make them easily accessible so y’all can get to shit and I have easy receipts when I need to read the kids (sorry the gay is coming out). But that will take some planning and time. Also the blog gonna need a new look…which I will get to as soon as I start to care.

I want to thank anyone who continues to come to this miserable blog over and over again. I will be doing better.