YG lets GD and Taeyang do music together, when they shouldn’t

Look, I am a very patient person when it comes to music. I will accept damn near anything if I like it…

But give me one reason I should like this?

I don’t understand. Who gave the okay? And why did they give the okay for this?

You know what…this is what happens when you don’t say no.

I particularly don’t care about Big Bang one way or the other. I think G-Dragon is a very controversial figure in K pop because of his talent.

He obvious is talented in producing (I honestly don’t hate the beat overall in Good Boy, even though it is basically a mock up of that Wiggle song), and he can perform. GD has things on his resume that says he is a talent…

But things like this overall…

It makes even more sense that no one told him no because in a recent interview he basically said T.O.P. was not about doing a lot of GD’s shit (and the rapper’s pride or whatever) and that Taeyang is more easier to work with in that aspect (Doesn’t hurt that they have known each other for over a decade).

I bet Taeyang took this about as seriously as SM takes their acts prior to them leaving. He just went along with it because who gives a fuck?

Anyway Good Boy is a slice of GD’s ego on a platter. He wanted to make something fun and repetitive…and in a way he did. But overall this song should have been pushed right back to him and someone should have told him no.


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