SM continue to hand out solo careers like candy. THis time for Amber

So during my Thanksgiving break (which was nice), the news that Amber would be pursuing a career as a solo act popped up. It’s surprising, but not at the same time…and I will explain that.

Anyway come February of next year, Amber will be all by her lonesome on stage as a solo artist.

Okay…let’s get into these thoughts/feelings.

Why am I not surprised? Because SM has been doing this for the last year. Three of their solo acts made returns this year (J-Min, Zhang Li Yin, and Henry), and now three solo debuts from existing groups have also emerged (Taemin, Zhoumi, Kyuhyun). Also aside from the fucked up way they have been handling scandals and all that, there has been a bigger emphasis on sections and individuals instead of the collective. Moving away from the boom in solo acts, we also have the re-emergence of TTS, SM The Ballad, Krystal and Jessica are/were a thing, emphasis on certain members than the entirety of the group. Of course SM is still focusing on groups…but it just seems like this year was a lot of units, collaborations, and solos.

Also looking at f(x)…it seems like the group itself is in limbo. Sulli is out of commission (which I think is just a fancy way of trying to phase her out of the group). Krystal is slowing making a name for herself via the acting world. Victoria is swimming them waters in China looking for that good money. Luna…

And then there is Amber. Neither Amber nor Luna have much to claim right now. Luna occasionally does a musical…but…not now. Amber occasionally does variety, and she is on something…but overall, they are not working at a consistent/high profile manner in comparison to other members.

So realistically…I would think either those two…or Krystal would have gotten a solo in the upcoming future. With Krystal being tacked onto that Jung sis thing…eh.

*I put my hopes on Luna*

It is Amber.

Now why am I surprised? Because it is Amber. Amber isn’t…how do I say this nicely?

Amber is potential that isn’t going anywhere.

Amber truly has one thing going for her. She dresses like a fashion-illiterate stud. People like that she isn’t typically feminine. It’s pretty much her only selling point.

Outside of that, you are looking at poor rapping skills, meh dancing, and a pretty tone but below average singing skills. That is Amber.

Yes I said it.

Now K Pop has never been the place of talent above all, but when you have two drifting members, with near equal status in popularity (Amber is probably more popular internationally)… I would think you would go with the one that can carry a tune, and dance well.

Now once again…I don’t hate Amber, and I have no reason to feel a way about her. It was just shocked me that it was Amber and not Luna. However I can’t be mad that this is happening, and it really don’t have shit to do with me…so…

*Let’s Amber cook*

Come February Amber is to step into the spotlight on her own. I hope the song ain’t trash, and she gains some success.


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