CCM debuts Shannon Williams

I had another title, but I decided against it.

Anyway, CCM…the company that has given great groups, and subsequently failed a lot of them has debuted a new young act.

Shannon Williams…and here is her first song

I’m not even mad at this. It’s a ballad, but it doesn’t just go no where, which is a plus for me. Shannon is an adequate singer for her age (I think she is at most 18). I do think the choreo would have looked nicer with a better dancer. Overall I don’t mind it. I don’t think she will get a lot of traction with it…but it’s a nice start. Also I like the fact that she isn’t limiting herself to just being a vocalist. If she can prove herself to be an overall performer, I think she can have diversity that you don’t see often in K Pop.

I’m skipping the fact that Shannon is a foreign, biracial singer (white-Korean)….not in the mood to talk about it and all the negative shit she will be going through.

Anyway, here is hoping that Shannon doesn’t fall off. I don’t understand why she would go to SK willingly for a music career… especially since she is from England, and is only a hop skip away from the states (Adele, Sam Smith, 1D, Amy Winehouse, etc)…but girl, do you.


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