2014 FAVES: The Intro


The end of the year is upon us. The holidays are coming, no school for some of us, end of the year crap in K pop. Such a glorious time.

With that being said, I am happy to have made it as far as I have this year with this blog. Of course I could do more, and I plan on it, but I am just happy to be here.

And to have a couple of followers who haven’t left!


Anyway , music is about to get slim, so I got to get creative with post if I want to keep consistently updating. With that…I am going to be doing a 2014 faves series.

This will be a bunch of post dedicated to the year of 2014, and how it has provided me with something that I don’t hate. This will include (but not limited to):

favorite overall acts: Who handled the year of 2014 well for me.

Favorite music: This is still be planned but I am looking at albums, songs, b-sides, all that.

Favorite music videos: self explanatory. Sometimes I hated the song, but the video was hot.

And…maybe something scandal related. I don’t know how to deal with that one…I honestly could not care less about most of them, or many were too serious to really get into.

A representation of your excitement…and to make this post less boring.

These post will not be regular…and I will hopefully have music to review and talk about…if you want to send me something to listen to, by all means…hit me up.


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