KuzzReviews: AoA keep a good thing going on Like A Cat

AoA is a group I look at and think…okay but why?

I am just turned off by the size of the group and the fact I can’t seem to find anything worth talking about when it comes to them. I think they are a group that would work just as well in smaller numbers…but that’s just me.

Still I have to give AoA one thing. Musically, they have not really let me down.

*Mind you this is based on them as an idol group. As an entire unit, I can’t really speak for or against them (the Band thing, AoA black, etc)*

Since Miniskirt (and the ep it came from), I have been willing to give them a chance. It’s just watching them live is so uninspiring. And that is what is holding me back really.

AoA makes good music…but are just…it doesn’t translate well live.

Still this isn’t about their lives. This is about their music, specifically their latest contribution Like A Cat.

With that being said…let’s get into this album.


I love intro songs. I love AoA’s intro songs. Yes there are only two, but this is still a good one. I have heard this before though…I don’t know where…but the melody is real familiar…

Like A Cat

Like A Cat is very typical of Brave Brothers for me. Very heavy on the same elements present in almost all his productions. The only difference I would hear is the fact they all sound like they have life in them. Usually the sexy song is about as lively as a cardboard cut out of the person singing it. I’m not saying they are giving me the greatest performance ever, but I appreciated that it wasn’t overly breathy whispering over the track.  I do like the song…but then I listen to the rest of the album, and…yeah.They did better on the album, which is a plus in my book.

A Girl’s Heart

Two tracks in and I have not had a real complaint about the record entirely. Then we hit A Girl’s Heart, and I am pretty much sold on this ep. Oddly enough this is the first song I have a complaint about. It’s a minor one…but the guitar on the chorus was so out  of place for the first few listens. Then it got better, and I loved this song for everything it was worth.

Just The Two Of Us

This gif is everything I have to say about this song tbh


I love it. The whole clock in background is nice. I will complain abut the drumkit…K Pop’s use of drums are the devil to me. I feel like if they were quieter…it wouldn’t be as bothersome. But once we get around that, you are looking at one of my favorite ballads in K Pop. It’s not perfect, but it keeps the pace of the ep, and the ending…ChoA and guest (the other main vocalist whose name is escaping me) really tried to give us something. I feel like if it had gone on longer than what was given (like maybe 30-40 seconds longer), it would have been perfect. Instead it felt like they ended the song too early. But I was feeling them and these high notes. I don’t know, you don’t hear that kind of dedication all the time. It wasn’t that they were do anything major, but there was…a spark. I am picky, and if you about to hit me with the vocals, sing like you actually feeling that pain. Sometimes it is not enough to sound good, but to put that extra effort. In my opinion, ChoA and Yuna (I think that’s her, these girls…) gave me a little extra something.

Tears Falling

My least favorite song on the album. It doesn’t even fit that well sound-wise. Still…eh…not bad. And in theory, it actually ends the album well. They sound great, and I am not upset by this. I think if there had been another track to play as a transition from Time and Tears Falling, maybe I would not feel so eh toward this. But it just sounds too different from the groove the rest of the EP created. Not a bad song, just feels out of place. However, as I said earlier, it does really well with finishing the album. The perfect ending on the wrong album.


Like A Cat is good. At least I think it is. For what it is trying to do (give us reliable pop to put on repeat and not think about), it does really well. It’s so unpretentious that I love it.

The performances were good. Could not tell you a single name outside of two of them (Edit: three of them), but I will/can not take away that they really did nicely on this album.

That only confuses me because on the album they sound good, off of it I am confused as to how they are allowed to perform as a unit.

It’s  nice to have an album that isn’t pretentious or takes itself to seriously. From some artist, I just need that good dose of bullshit fun that will be forgotten until I want to hear it again. This is AoA. They are not in the position for me to take them seriously just yet, so I don’t want to hear them try and do that. Acts in their fifth year and up…yes…a group that just came out two years ago, and are now hitting that come up? Nah. Like A Cat is just here to entertain and grab fans. The sounds work; it’s simple pop with a few stray leanings. The songs never lose their energy, even on the ballads. I think their performance as a group on this album was nice. Once again…could not tell you who is who out of three of them, but I wasn’t bored.

Like A Cat is a good ep that will hopefully keep the group going for when they release their first album (I’m betting that is going to be next, or a single)


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