Starship does the collab thing again. This time Hyorin and Jooyoung

I think Starship has found its way as a company. Since last year, Starship has been on the collaboration road. It helped Soyu find her place out of Hyorin’s shadow. It gave Mad Clown a little more love. and People now know who Junggigo is.

All the while they rack up a hit or three from it.

Win-win situations.

So Starship decide to try it again. This time with the young woman who basically spearheaded them into good money.


Hyorin had done a collaboration earlier in the year with Mad Clown (Without You…was not that big of a fan of it), and it did okay.

Now they are trying again (Assuming to give Hyorin something to do while they prep her next solo comeback)

I love it. I didn’t at first, instead I just liked it, but I had wished the song had gone somewhere it didn’t.

Still it’s Hyorin and some dude singing to eachother, so of course I was going to not hate it.

They sound great together, the song sounds nice. I actually think this would be a great follow up single, or an album rack. However as it is the only one of it’s kind it can feel a little dull. I do think it has that good November cuffing season angst…but eh. My initial issues stem from the fact that the song is nice, and I can’t find anything wrong with it, but I still wanted more. Two more songs maybe.

I don’t think this song should.could/would stand on its own.  There should be something to follow up. That sounds like a ridiculous complaint, but I really don’t think every song can just be a stand alone single. Some songs need back up to help further the point they were making, or just plain old support because they don’t feel strong enough.

Erase isn’t bad, but I doubt I will remember it come the new year (still remember One Way Love though)

I love the video. It took me a minute to understand what is going on.

Basically Jooyoung and zoot!Hyorin are dating…but he out here fucking regular!Hyorin who is in a relationship with the bartender. The choreography is simple but still effective. Angsty, sexy, with a good snap.

Hyorin looks great (I missed her bangs)

Jooyoung looks cute.

This is a good little promo effort.



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