Mamamoo doesn’t know the definition of bad with Piano Man

So, I will be honest…I kind of just was eh with Mamamoo. They are a group I want…but just haven’t dedicated the time to love them.

I think musically…I kind of want something more from them. They are heavy in R&B leanings, and in K Pop, that means it will probably sound mediocre to okay at best. But they are a group I really do want to get into.

They are the group where hype backlash is probably going to be nonexistent  if they play their cards right.

So when it was found out that Mamamoo was making a comeback this November…I was curious.

I like it enough…but I wish they came a little stronger.

They are no slouches as singers. They sound good, and their rapper is decent from what I hear.

They’ve got a solid foundation. But then…where do you go with that? They just didn’t have the spark throughout the song, especially on the chorus. It felt so subdued…

When they did bring it (at the right moment too) it was 3:03-3:20. The sound got brighter (of course key changes and all that were taking effect), they got a little more aggressive. They just shined.

By default I can’t say this song is bad. It’s good. But I think with a little more oomph (specifically in the chorus) it could have been perfect.

Also I think playing with their sound would not be a bad idea. I love R&B…I don’t have that same love for Korean R&B. The more they advance and play with sounds, the more I would like it.

Still Mamamoo are a group I just don’t see giving me a bad product. They are a good performance group, the talent can accommodate the music, and not the other way around, and so far, their songs have been consistently some of the best this year.

I just want them to advance. This retro jazz/R&B/Blues is rarely something I like in Korean music…always sounds like a parody of something else (if that makes sense).



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