Got7 is back with another single (plus Aaliyah)

JYPE has made it very clear where they stand with Got7.

The very vigilant push, two eps, a reality show, two internet series, a japanese debut, along with the standard variety/photoshoot/ etc.

Got7 has to succeed. JYPE has actually shown they can indeed properly promote a group if they want to.

So two Korean releases in, JYPE test their luck with a third one.

This time a full album, with the first single being…

Under the read more for the thoughts and all that.

I don’t hate it. So that’s something positive to say.

So…story time. I watched the Aaliyah Biopic last night…terrible mistake. I wish I could take back the time I had lost in that. I didn’t finish it, bu the damage was done.

The only thing that travesty did, was make sure Aaliyah herself was fresh on my mind. Why you ask?

Because…I think stylistically Aaliyah is what Got7 was aiming for, and I would argue should aim for.

What Stop, Stop It gives me is this 90’s R&B look sound. The newer cooler, R&B that was more…around the block and relatable (at the time). Why am I talking about Aaliyah?

Because she kind of gave me a face/career to focus on.

This is Aaliyah

Early in her career, Aaliyah was pretty much that very pretty YOUNG girl that didn’t act like it. She wasn’t sexual…but mature. It didn’t feel, sound as if you were looking at a 15-year-old girl singing about falling in love *with a grown ass man*, but instead someone at least ten years her senior.

Aaliyah was cool. That was her thing (all the way up until her death). And it was reflected in her music and style. At the time of the beginnings of her career she wore baggy clothes, more streetwear…nothing overly feminine. It helped her stand out. Aaliyah was not giving you glam and traditional R&B.

This overall reflected the new state of R&B at the time.

Now what does this have to do with Got7?

I think something very Aaliyah-esque was coming from Stop, Stop It.

I am not saying that JYP intentionally was going for the former R&B singer. Instead I think it is more that JYP, who is in love with retro/vintage/throwback black music sounds…and thought the 90’s was a happening spot. Instead of the traditional flavor text he likes to use, he went with…

Well that Aaliyah vibe.

Anyway, the song itself isn’t a favorite. The beat feels like it could have been polished a little more, the lyrics are so extra…eh. I do like most of the singing. The chorus was too robotic for no reason. Your two best singers shouldn’t sound like that. I understand it was for effect, but be skillful with it. It only brings shame to T-Pain.

Despite all of that I do like where they were going musically. I think it would help Got7 stand out to develop this sound (along with seeing if they could find a way to include A for a little diversity).

Videowise…good for her for not giving a fuck about what he was saying to take both earpieces out and listening.

Talking about he would jump if she rejected him.

The video was nothing really special. I didn’t hate it…

When I heard they were coming back, I honestly didn’t expect too much. I assumed their first album was going to be their first win, but would happen in 2015. I think Stopx2 It would have worked then as well, and maybe been like a cute summer sleeper hit. But we got it in November…among many underwhelming November releases.

The song isn’t my favorite by them (A still holds that spot), however I think this retake of 90’s R&B is actually a good idea for the group overall. It allows them to be singers (over half the group does sing), while giving a space to their designated rappers. All the while creating a feel and look I usually don’t see in K Pop.

Stop, Stop It could have been better, and the only reason I didn’t dismiss it/this review is as long as it is, is due to the song giving me feelings.




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