Lee Hi+Soohyun of AKMU= YG’s new unit (ft Bobby from iKon)

In an attempt to have things going for them, YG decided to create a cute little sub duo consisting of two K Pop star alum. Lee Hi (Who was runner up in her season), and Suhyun (who is half of the winning duo Akdong Musician from season 2).

I will be completely honest…I didn’t care.

So the teaser post that should have happened didn’t. Even though I found them cute. Still I really didn’t care what was going on.

So when their song just rolled on the internet, I really didn’t care

This is one of YG’s better releases this year. It’s fun, flirty, and thankfully not a ballad (which is really easy to do in November apparently).

It sounds very 15&, who I think are like the most normalized K pop ever…which is odd for YG in itself.

By normalized, I mean it doesn’t feel extra/overly animated/cartoony. I think a lot of K pop songs sound like that…and 15&, for the most part, are more subdued in sound. Their songs sound normal…if that make sense.

And Hi Suhyun have that same sound.

YG has been expanding their overall reach musically. The introduction of Lee Hi forced a new sound with more R&B and jazz elements. Then came Akdong Musician who brought what the acoustic, indie pop.

I actually appreciate the fact that YG didn’t force their somewhat standard sound on these two girls. This allows them to be fun and all that.

Bobby appeared, and then left. YG is making sure this groups happens and what better way, than to plug members any and everywhere.

Overall I really do like this. It’s simple. Nothing mind blowing, especially considering the talent. But…I could put this on repeat and not feel guilty about it.



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