AoA shine (somewhat) with Like A Cat

2014 has had many breakouts or even groups close to be considered one. However 2014 has been a nice year for the all girl band turned standard pop act AoA.

That was long as hell, but humor me.

I am not going to give thoughts about the group (I will later), but I will say they have done nicely for themselves, and their mini album was definitely a good listen (even though I didn’t write about it).

So AoA decided to keep it moving with yet another single (and mini album) Like A Cat.

I…kind of like it?

Before I even went to google to find some information about this comeback, I instantly realized that this was a Brave Brothers production. It sounds way too much like him.

I think the beat is a little busy, especially during the chorus. There seems to be a lot going on musically. Maybe it’s just me…

If there is one thing that I can give it is the that the song doesn’t really lose energy at all. That’s a lot saying this is a Brave Brothers production, and you can usually hear what happens on his song…

I do think AoA, as a group, can be very plain vocally. Jimin and ChoA were the only ones that didn’t sound the same to me (I don’t listen to them enough to differentiate on that level). That is one of the downfalls to large K Pop groups: The have a preference vocally, and in large numbers they all sound the same. This is mostly a problem for girl groups though…and it is super evident in AoA.

That’s the reason I put somewhat in the title.

Overall I am not opposed to the song. I think with a smaller group of voices that don’t feel eerily similar, I would have bumped this up. Yet we are here.

The video…it’s fun. A story I can follow, makes sense, nothing to outlandish (their fighting was terrible, and who commits a heist in heels???) and when it ended…I wasn’t ready to click out. Of course since this was a sexy concept, overly noticeable shots were made of their bodies…I laughed.

The choreo doesn’t look too great…but that’s about it.

I will say when they were on the building wall…you can tell how obvious it was that they were laying down. Shit like that is expensive. Still funny to watch.


Like A Cat was cute. AoA sticking with sexy works for them. This song isn’t my favorite, but it isn’t trash worthy. I think my only big complaints are how similar they all sound, and how I wasn’t excited to hear them….eh.



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