Hello Venus tries to move on with Sticky Sticky

Hello Venus has…well they try. I am not overly familiar with them outside of that one song Would You Like Some Tea. It was nice, but I wasn’t sold.

Anyway this year they got hit with the loss of members. Yoo Ara and Yoonjo split, effectively taking their main and lead vocalist out of the group.

This was a rather long period of silence.

Well Hello Venus has returned. With Sticky Sticky.

It is very Brave Bros.

I don’t know who anyone is, and after this eh.

It’s not bad…but it is really familiar.

This is really typical of Brave Bros sonically. The video is nothing new. I’m sure the lyrics are nothing to look at.

It’s good that they are back, and from what I am aware of, this is a new look for them. They were a cute group…now they are sexy. And there it is.

What should be taken out of this is Hello Venus is back. Is this banging musically?


But it’s something. Hopefully they will look at what they are working with and improve.


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