Baek Ah Yeon ain’t doing shit musically but here’s something.

I like Baek AH Yeon. I like her music.

I don’t like how JYP is choosing to handle her.

She’s pretty much getting the same treatment as 15&, however instead of being sent to do some awkward English variety show, she is on Korean radio (I’m pretty sure she frequents like three shows a week).

At least she has a paycheck coming, and with her not having to pay trainee fees, she probably keeps a nicer chunk of it.  The most she probably has to pay for is rent, food  and maybe minor fees/bills JYP would tack on to get money. Pretty normal for a girl her age. It may not be a lot, but shit, it’s something.

The problem is…just like with 15& it is merely a way to keep them out of the way. Yes they have a paying job, but no one is talking about them like that.

At the very least, 15& got a nice promo run from late April to mid June (Can’t Hide It and Sugar album)…Baek ain’t done shit else sans JYPNation concerts and events.

THis is a lowkey rant, but I wanted to post some videos.

BAY did a cover of 2AM’s latest single Over The Destiny. I was not a fan of the song when 2AM did it, but with BAY…I like it more. I really don’t want her to get stuck in ballads, but…she’s good with them.

Here’s her singing with Taecyeon and Chansung from 2PM off of one of their deluxe tracks. She is the best thing about this song to be honest. It also shows she can handle music outside of ballads, and JYP’s simmering music.

I would do a long extensive post, but eh. I don’t see much happening for her really. I want to, but unless JYP magically decides to change the way they handle her next year…then no.


Not to get whiny about it, but three of your acts have some sort of established base, and instead of using that and keeping them going…they just fall to the wayside a little. They make good music, but they only appear when it is time to promote, and then are ushered off to whatever part of the industry that no one will completely focus on.

At least they got jobs. Anyway Baek Ah Yeon is cute, can sing, and doesn’t do/say dumb shit to my knowledge. She has nice music, and hopefully she will get a full album that just shines and puts her out there.



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