All five members of SPICA come back together for another single

I’m going to have to dedicate a post to them or something because damn.

Anyway, Spica have had a busy year. Starting off with You Don’t Love Me, moved on to an English single I Did It, came back and did a sub unit with Give Your Love, and and now are back as a full unit.

This song is called Ghost.

I wasn’t completely sold on the song at first, but I do like it. I feel like SPICA are scrambling for the right sound. I personally thought they got it right a few times: Russian Roulette, Tonight, You Don’t Love Me. While all had different vibes, I think everything just stacked properly together musically with these tracks.

Ghost doesn’t necessarily hit all the right marks, but it comes close. I don’t know what it is, but I wasn’t excited enough when listening to this. I do appreciate a ballad of sorts that isn’t the norm for K Pop. I do think the ending was lovely though. It’s nice to hear Boa.

The video…I loved it. I think what makes me like it is how frustrated with the story I was. They both knew he was cheating on them with the other, and then they have to work with each other…bitch.

Love and Hip Hop levels and ain’t shit in this. And then he has the nerve to come there to support his girl, in front of the sidechick???????

Tell me how that man don’t deserve to get fought.

It was a simple ass drama that worked with the song. The sidepiece was the one experiencing this song, and not Narae (who was in her feelings as well). It’s just…

Ghost was almost perfect me. The song isn’t bad, but feels a little bland up until the ending where some life came through. The video had me feeling a way, and I appreciate that.

I like the sound of this song, and it is closer to Tonight (one of my favorites from them), they just need to fix whatever is not working.


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