Talking black, and why it is dumb

Now not too long ago, I would say maybe a few days to at most a week…Red Velvet was on some radio show. The one hosted by China line’s finest Jia and Fei (of Miss not getting a comeback this year A) and newly solo artist Zhoumi (whose album I need to listen to).

Anyway I don’t speak Chinese (the video was subtitled in Chinese), Korean, but there was a small segment where Wendy did impressions…of people.

She did a white girl.

And then she did a black girl and black guy.

Now…we know where this is going.

It’s like 15 minutes in (around the 14:40 mark)

For all the thoughts I have…click the read more!

Talking black…it’s a bit of a controversial thing for some K pop fans.

You rely heavily on stereotypes to make it happen.

Essentially talking black is going to tell us…how you perceive black people on some level.

Is it racist? It can be.

Is Wendy racist? She could be.

Is this a big deal? Eh…

How can talking black be racist? Because it relies heavily on stereotypes. When people talk black what’s the first thing they do?

Sassy Black woman

Shut up Brian



Two negative ass stereotypes in the black community. Among many others…but these are the two that are easy to gimmick and are…considered funny.

Now how is that racist when no one said the obvious bad words (nigger and any variant, anything about monkeys, something about black skin and beauty) or no one is dying?

Well let’s all repeat one thing: It doesn’t have to kill you or truly hurt you like that to be racist.

Well I can’t speak for everyone in this. For me, talking black/imitating a black person may or may not be racist, but it reinforces a lot of negatives about black people.

It’s funny to swing your neck and so uh uh girl, and speak ebonics when you can shed that image and go about your life. It’s not fun when people automatically talk to you like that because all black people apparently act like that. Or these stereotypes can be used to kill you because…well all black people are this, and that means they are not civilized and that means they aren’t human…and well…

Well if y’all didn’t act like thugs and etc…

Well how about you eat my ass.

You cannot account for the entirety of black people with a stereotype. You simply cannot. Stop falling back on them please.

When it comes to Korean entertainment and these impressions…it’s a sign of ignorance. It is what it is. Does that make them racist? Maybe? I mean we don’t have enough to work with other than an impression that no one would care about if it wasn’t for a small portion of the international community bringing it up. We never really have enough to work with. There are some people who just continue to step in it, and then you can label them however you desire. But let’s be honest, people would sweep this under the rug if it wasn’t for the “annoying” part of the fans.

This is really not a big deal…sadly. Wendy is one of many who do this shit. I mean…some people even consider it a talent (which I need to bring up later). But that’s it. She’s not the first, nor will she be the last.

Another thing that came up is Wendy being Canadian. Meaning she is from the west, and should be aware that racism is a thing, and what not to do.

I can tell you right now, that the west ain’t shit when it comes to race relations.

Ferguson is happening (for epeople that believe Ferguson is not an issue of race, eat my ass).

Representation that isn’t offensive is still an issue in some media.

Cultural Appropriation


Iggy Azaelia.

We are not post-racial society. Never was, and probably won’t be anytime soon. Of course this is all in the US, but I bet my bottom dollar that Canada ain’t shit when it comes to racial minorities either. Better or worse maybe…but never doubt racism in any system.


And from what I have heard, it isn’t like Wendy was swimming in negros. Apparently where Wendy is from has a bigger East-Asian population more than anything.

Disregarding all of this, even if Wendy knew a negro or two, that doesn’t mean she could not be racist.

I have black friends is the call of a racist. Anytime someone starts, inserts or ends a statement with this…chances are they are about to, are in the middle of, or have just said something highkey racist.

I’m not saying she is. This is one incident of stupidity that is of a long tradition of ignorance (not just in South Korea), but I *personally* don’t think she is racist. I don’t have enough evidence to call her that (if she wants to provide them, then go head girl).

I am more annoyed with the entire situation itself. It is yet another case of this is how we see black people, because it is easy to group us up like that. Even though several examples exist that counter that…let’s just continue to tell Koreans that black people (whether all or a good portion) are aggressive and sassy…because it’s funny.

Now about this talent thing. I think one thing that upsets a lot of fans is when this happens…idols say they can speak black.

You then hear: SPEAKING BLACK??? REALLY???/ STFU!

Here’s the thing…black speech (poor wording but just follow me on this) does exist. Ebonics, AAVE, whatever slang your parents got mad at you for speaking…

AAVE (*African American Vernacular English) is a thing, and we (meaning y’all) got to stop acting like it doesn’t. This is for those K Pop fans that are not from the states and are black but got a problem.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t messy that they just think speaking black means acting like a hood (I’ve always wanted to say that) or sassy black woman. Shit you hear in Washington DC will not be the same as NOLA. Language is a funny thing, and very diverse and shit like that. But how many of y’all actually care about that? You see a word used by Black Twitter and then pick it up…and probably use it wrong a lot. Because let’e be honest: they are going to use the most limited version of it, and only do it to look hip/uneducated/etc. It’s never to take AAVE seriously. To be honest people think you are stupid if you speak in a way that ain’t the King’s English (which is trash thinking).

But what does this have to do with K Pop’s black impressions and talking black? Because it is taking something and simplifying it for a joke. A poor…unfunny…joke. As for Wendy…girl just don’t do it again.



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