In which Huzzypop uses his 100th post on Zico

I was going to save my 100th post for something bigger (it was actually going to be my 2AM review, but this happened), but…let’s just get into this one.

Block B’s leader/rapper/composer/producer Zico has stepped out on his own. And the final product is…interesting

There are layers to how bad this.

Let’s just his the shallow part of this fuck pool. The song is alright. Zico and ole boy are fine. Zico seems like he takes himself seriously as a rapper, and for that I can’t be mad at him. He does invest in his talent which is the only positive I got for this song. I am not a big fan of the beat. Sounds very…familiar. I am not asking for super original shit, and that sounds are used over various songs. This just feels very cliche. I’ve heard it before in several songs.

But eh.

Video wise we looking at…is that how everyone sees rap music? As the gangsta shit? Why is it that when I see Korean rappers imitate…they only want to do hard and on the block. And not even like diversify the block. This looks like a mix of east and west coast in my opinion (more so west coast). Like when we gonna get a Korean Traphouse? That will be fun to watch. I will still laugh at it, but at least it will be something else.

ut what really bothers me is the fact that it looks cheap.

I’m not speaking about it’s actual budget, because obviously some money was spent to make this happen. But the overall execution on the final product is just…cheap.

It looks like the video that unsigned rappers who are just starting, or maybe on their third of fourth video do. Bobby Schmurda’s Hot Nigga is of the same quality as this video.

So many questions to ask

Who in this video is about that life?

Why these girls not keeping rhythm?

How you make  fellatio awkward and embarrassing?

What sense does it make to ride bikes in an industrial area and it not be for extreme sports?

Why a bath full of cookies?

Why did you steal that buggy from your local Korean Target?


The video does not look worth it. It looks like an imitation of something that was equally terrible in its time.

Lastly…I wrote a post like two/three month ago about Zico and slurs. Now I never saw it for him as a human being. We have repeat offenders in K Pop. People who just slip up and fuck up like it is breathing to them. Zico seems to be one of those kinds of people.

In clear ass English Zico decides to call someone a f*ggot Bitch.

And in the visual of his Gangsta thesis, Zico is sporting the Confederate Flag. Now I am willing to overlook (for lack of a better word)… Zico or the stylist probably thought it was cute/made him look hard and put that jacket on. It’s still got me looking sideways at this for many reasons, but I’m not going to curse him out over that. We got him saying nigga. As much as I want to drag for that flag (hate it), let’s just stir on this new shit.

Zico stop. I don’t know if you want to be hard or not, but throwing around slurs is not doing much to prove it. We are looking down on rappers who are about shit that say this, so what makes you think you…a person with no cred to his name is worth this?

And you know what is even more funny. How glaring that line was. It fucked up his flow. Like he wanted to include it but his skills just wouldn’t allow for those words to fit.

Before I hit rant mode let me just end this: No Zico. This isn’t the first time your mouth has opened to say some shit. You went from no homo, to calling people f-slurs. And you meant that as an insult. But that isn’t the only terrible thing about Tough Cookie. The song is aight at best…meh at worst. The video was straight garbage. Maybe K Rappers want to do their own gangsta rap genre. Go for it. But please don’t let the video look cheap.

Tough Cookie was one big insult in so many ways. That tub full of Sam’s Choice chocolate chip, plain oatmeal and sugar cookies. His middle part. The clothes. The lazy twerking. Theft of a shopping cart from Target. The slurs. All of it was just an insult.

I was never a fan of Zico, and at this rate I don’t think I will be.

~Yay to my `100th post~


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