Zhou Mi’s steps into the solo light with Rewind

SM has been going through it this year, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing a truckload worth of music. What has been interesting is the heavy presence of solo artist emerging from that company. As with the ordinary return of the company’s primary groups, SM has also been shelling out quite a few solo acts. There were returns, and a debut or two. This includes Zhou Mi of the Super Junior brand. I don’t know Super Junior, nor do I particularly care to, but I do know that these two were brought in to be a part of Super Junior M, which focuses mostly on China. Needless to say, these two don’t get much in terms of group effort. However last year SM decided to bless one of them with a chance…it was Henry.

He did okay, and since, he has been growing in the Korean spotlight. It isn’t massive SM levels, but shit, he has a name.

So I guess SM thought to try it again. This time with Zhoumi.

And that takes us to Rewind

This is the Mandarin version and it features Tao of Exo-M.

And here is the Korean version featuring Chanyeol of Exo-K.

Let’s just dive in.

I hit a couple of nae naes. I am not going to lie. It’s not bad. It started off like it was going to be some R&B track, but we got a pop song. It’s a word that I hate using, but it fits…it’s urban. It’s like when Jessie McCartney decided he was going to do some urban shit, but this isn’t as embarrassing (although Jessie’s music was still addicting and good). I’ve heard this song before. It’s not groundbreaking, but it is nice. Plus it does give him an identity musically (if SM decides to stick with this/this turns out successful). That R&B lite pop that can be danced to, and kids feel okay to listen to it.

I think I am more attracted to the beat than the actual song itself, however if this was in English I would probably be singing the chorus a lot. It is borderline completely catchy.

It’s not exactly the most progressive or innovative, and Zhou Mi doesn’t have much to offer musically other than a cute look, a nice voice and some dance moves. In the US artist like him either have to step their game up musically, or…fade away.

I do like this sound though. With a solid base of not actually hating this, and getting some nice nostalgia, I don’t see bad in it. It’s catchy enough, but not enough to really have people go Zhou Mi the next big thing.

Chanyeol and Tao happen. Eh…I am not putting faith in them giving me Ether, but this wasn’t terrible. I got through it, and didn’t care. Moving on.

Video isn’tbad, but once again, nothing I would care about beyond this review. There isn’t much to say. It’s a simple box video with some shots to say they tried a story line. Usual from SM. I do think the scenes with the car (in which Tao and Chanyeol appear) should not have happened. The white scenes would have been okay with some nice angles, but I am no cinematographer.

Overall, I don’t mind this. It’s not exactly the most exciting or passionate. But it delivers something solid and catchy.


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