Crush whines on Sofa

I couldn’t think of a good title (not creative), so don’t take this to heart.

Crush has been a fave of mine this year. His album has been on repeat. I didn’t appreciate his first single, but everything else has been worth it. So you can imagine how ready I have been for something new by him. He has done an OTS, and a couple of guess spots on albums, but I wanted something from him that he was going to promote. Thankfully…we got Sofa.

And here it is.

I want to know…who said R&B and ballads have to be mutually exclusive? I ask this because it seems like they thought: Let’s make a ballad…but with R&B!!!

There are two major sounds going on. The very standard Korean ballad (you hear it in the violins). Then there is the R&B, which is heavy in that rhythm and evident in Crush’s stylistic choices vocally. It just didn’t match 100%.

That chorus is so…hm. It’s not jarring, or terrible, but it was like they didn’t really get to where they thought they did. As soon as that bass drops, the violins get quieter, and it feels more R&B.

I think I understand where they were going…but…eh.

Other than that, Crush has something cute. Very moody, very angsty. Exactly what I had anticipated. He sounds really good.

I am not over the moon about this one.

Video wise…it’s nice. Simple, moody, there are some imagery that was just unnecessary, and Crush seemed to be doing a little too much. Eh…I don’t know.

Sofa was something I wanted to believe in. But even after several listens/watches I didn’t get it like I wanted to.  This is my most uninspired review/post…I apologize.


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