2AM sings Over The Destiny

2AM have returned, and have been primping for this moment for awhile.

First there was a pre-release, the JYP produced Days Like Today.

Now we have the new single Over The Destiny.

I…don’t hate it…but I am not the biggest fan ever. It sounds like several ballads that I have heard before. It doesn’t stand outto me personally, and I think I will be okay not listening to this again. They sound great, Changmin and Jo Kwon, handle the chorus well…it sounds nicely done…but very typical. Very ordinary. I would expect this from 2AM to be honest.

The video was great, and I think creative. Your entire life with someone comes crashing and you have to do as much as possible to save that one thing, the person you love and your relationship with them. I loved that.

Overall I would give this a B-. They did a good job, and it sounds nice. But it has been done way too many times, especially from this group. 2AM is not just a typical ballad group, they have the ability to handle different genres, and even transition into idol group territory. I want something that just plays with their entire image (which they do, but only in jest). Over The Destiny just feels way too them, and I think at this stage of their careers, they should be switching it up or expanding on themselves as a musical group. But this is K Pop so maybe I’m asking too much.

2AM’s 3rd full album, Let’s Talk, is out right now. Be on the look out for the review (yes another album review is coming).


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