Super Junior releases two music videos and I got some opinions.

So yeah…this happened.

I like this in some way. I think there is something missing soundwise. I wanted to vibe out to it, but it just seemed so…boring. Like not obviously boring. I didn’t want to immediately turn it off. Instead I wanted to see where it would go. And by the end, it went no where. I don’t know Super Junior, so I can’t say whether or not that this is weak for them, but I wouldn’t throw this to the top even with my limited knowledge. The video…well SM did the same thing with Red Velvet in how they shot it, and it looked better with Red Velvet in a way (although it didn’t have that ugly transition that Red Velvet did).

The choreography seemed very bleh.

And now we move on to Evanesce

Much more interesting than This is Love. And you want to know why I think that. THat overly dramatic ass chorus when Eunhyuk ole girl start dancing. I love drama in music. Make a moment, but make sure it works. This worked for me. It sounded like 2009 yes, but it still worked. The beginning way nice enough, and the beat is cute (once again reminding me of 2009 sound wise). The video was basically the sad version of This Is Love, with no awkward dancing.

Overall I am not the biggest fans of these two really. I think they are okay, could be better, but okay. I don’t hate them. That’s about as much as I can give them. Honestly, they sound like afterthoughts put on at the last minute. But eh…


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