More 2AM things

Not even given Day’s Like Today a chance to breathe, 2AM and their parent company JYP are moving on to the promotional single Over The Destiny.

Giving me Korean Ballad, and I don’t know how to feel about that. The video is giving me drama, and it looks like his girl is falling out of the sky, and I don’t understand, but I hope he catches his chick because shit.

Anyway, along with the teaser for their upcoming single, an album spoiler has been released as well.

I already have opinions. I feel like I am going to like this album a lot, but the first section might have quite a few criticisms. However…let’s just get into the fact that all four are getting solos, and Jo Kwon is coming back for his post as the bad bitch of K Pop. It has the thump that is giving me better Adam Lambert, and I can’t wait to get into it. Of course I could be very wrong, and it sucks, and the first half is better than the second half.

We won’t find out until October 30, 2014 when both Let’s Talk and Over The Destiny are released.



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