2AM coos on Days Like Today

It wasn’t even a day ago I wrote the post for 2AM, and now we have the pre-release track.

It’s very moody. That smooth R&B and classic soul teas are running amok. It’s the song that I wouldn’t see as a big hit on most levels, but if this were to be played on the radio while I was driving, I would listen, and sing along with the chorus. There is something moving about it in a way. Like it isn’t exactly the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I like it. I genuinely like it.

On the album, I hope this would be the track that leads into something else that will knock my socks off (I think it is the second or third track on the album).

As a song, I can’t hate it, however I am hoping the actual promotional track will have a lot of punch and life. This was good for what it is worth, and maybe as a third fourth single in another country…yeah. But K Pop doesn’t work that way.

As for the video…can’t hate it. Very typical, very on the heart strings. The video focuses on the day in the life of one random old dude. He does a lot of random normal things. Water his garden, take walks everywhere, go to the dentist. He even chills with his friends at one point. I’m no thespian, or massive film buff, but I do think the old man got the point across that today was just one of them days. WIthout even knowing his normal day to day, he seemed sluggish, out of it, and wandering.

We get to see a small glimpse of what can only be assume as part of his past. It happens during his dentist appointment, when he was put under. We go to a dreamlike state where we see him (in his current age) and a woman who looks to be maybe a decade or two younger (I saw crows feet) walking behind him with that same popsicle he had before.She was in black and white.


This was the most out of the ordinary moment of the video, however it happened under what is to be considered normal circumstances.

All the members show up at various points in the video. Jo Kwon is at the park eating the same Popsicle as well. Changmin is old man’s dentist. Jinwoon is rocking out with a streetband. Seulong is a waiter.  Even though they showed up, it was nice that the video focused on someone else (who was also lipping the lyrics at moments).

Overall I like, but I won’t really remember it like that. It’s a track that I will appreciate on the album (if it works out to be that way), and is doing its job as a pre-release.

2AM will officially return with their third studio album, Let’s Talk on October 30, 2014, as well as their new single .


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